Essay Sample on Talent Identification and Management

Published: 2023-03-29
Essay Sample on Talent Identification and Management
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Human resource management is a critical part of the entire organization that forms the backbone of a bureaucratic system in the firm. As a result, it is essential in understanding every input in the HR department and how they interrelate to ensure that a conducive environment and business opportunities are essentially created for the development and growth of the organization. According to Kim and Cooke (2018), the HR department has been an essential sector that dictates the talents of workers in the organization. In this case, the talent from the HR department should reflect, the competence of workers across the entire organization in ensuring that the competition and culture of the organization is in lined with the current technology at stake. The new promotion as the vice president of the HR paves an opportunity for me to sharpen my skills towards the development and ensuring that the organization meets its objectives.

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The Strengths in the Department

As an assistant vice president of the HR, I clearly understand the essence of competent leadership skills to ensure that the organization meets the underlying objectives. According to Kim and Bae (2017), Human resource management department contribute to the change and transition of the organization culture by implementing a new form of leadership, that influences change and talents among the workforce.


Teamwork in the organization has been one of the critical factors that determine the success of a company by ensuring that every task is completed within the stipulated time. As a result, this defines the talent, creativity, and teamwork of the entire organization. In this case, it is essential in understanding every project in the organization heavily depends on the allocation of the available resources. Through this, my new position will allow me to assess critically, and evaluate the density of different projects in the organization, to help allocate the available resources in a resourceful manner. Talent enhancement and creativity will be my primary goal to ensure that workers have the opportunity to practice their creativity in every production sector, a step that will increase innovation around the organization.

According to Kim and Cooke (2018), every organization requires a set of skilled workers, who drive everyday tasks of the organization. Skills of workers are essential in every department, a step that helps the organization to reduce the damages or wastage of raw material and other scarce resources in the firm. As an HR vice president, it is essential in understanding the power of employee training, a step that will reduce unnecessary damages or wastage of raw material in the firm. Employee training will be a paramount step for workers in the production sector, a measure that will be geared towards maintaining and creating a skilled workforce in the entire organization.

Connection to the Outside World

Influential leaders in human resource management understand the interrelationship and contribution of the outside world to the business. External customers drive the performance and market share of the organization. As a result, I would like to increase the understanding and essence of both the workers and the customers in the entire HR department. Through developing a culture of concern and advocating for the workers, customers will build trust, from our reliable products, and services.

As Kim and Bae (2017) outlined that, explicit understanding of the customers, the market, and the employees of the organization, help formulate policies that will support the organization's goals. For instance, the compensation plan is a critical concept that helps increase the productivity of workers. On the contrary, implementing this concept in the organization, will alter the behavior of the workers, increasing more productive to meet the demanding market.

Strategic Development

Human resource management has been blamed due to the heavy concentration of day to day tasks, that only focuses on solving the current problem in the organization. There has been little consideration in the strategic planning of the firm. However, my new position will help reform the situation by encouraging the management to incorporate HR members in their board meeting. On the contrary, the department will be focused on developing programs that will increase employee retaining in the firm. Through this, the organization, will have a strategic plan to hold talented workers in the business, who can meet any challenge in the organization, due to their talent and experience.

Challenges in the Human Resource Department

The HR department is faced with numerous challenges that require both artistic and scientific management to ensure that the firm and the customers benefit. According to Kim and Cooke (2018), Job recruitment and selection is a common challenge that affects many organizations, as every firm is on the lookout to recruit talented and competent workers to become part of their workforce. As a result, it becomes cumbersome in acquiring the right candidates to hire. Secondly, the emotional and physical stabilities of workers in the organization have been one of the challenges, forcing many firms to avoid recruiting physically challenged candidates in the workforce.

Thirdly, balancing the demands of the management and the employee to maximize profits in the organization has been one of the challenges that HR face in their daily tasks. Loyalty, profits, commitment, and cooperation are among the factors expected by the management, while in return, employee anticipates for safety, benefits, healthy working conditions and salaries. As a result, the HR department has to debate and bargain for the required skills within a limited salary frame.

Overcoming the Challenges

Job recruitment in the HR department will work towards adopting a competent culture in the organization, that will be geared towards sourcing competent and skilled workers that will help the firm meet its goals. Additionally, the teamwork in selecting, candidates with the highest level of qualification and knowledge of the business, will help overcome the challenges of job recruitment. Moreover, the support from my superior, the Chief Financial Officer, will help overcome the challenge.

The physical and emotional appearance of candidates is essential in determining the ability of workers in undertaking different tasks in the organization. As a result, HR will overcome the situation, through allowing every worker to work in the department they are comfortable and productive. Lastly, balancing the workload and the employees in the firm is essential in helping meet the deadlines of different department. As a result, the HR department will liaise with the management to ensure that every department is supplied with enough workforce.


The HR department plays an essential role in ensuring that the organization, meets its goals by recruiting talented workers that contribute to the overall performance of the firm. As a result, exceptional skills in the HR department should be incorporated to help increase productivity in the department, a step that translates into a hardworking culture in the entire organization. The HR department should have competent knowledge about the current trends in the market as well as the workforce sector to ensure that customers are supplied with the right products. In the bottom line, I will use the new promotion position to drive changes in the firm, that will increase the teamwork and coordination of different departments to meet deadlines.


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