Inbound Marketing Essay, Free Sample for Students in Need

Published: 2022-04-20
Inbound Marketing Essay, Free Sample for Students in Need
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Inbound marketing is a strategy that relies on earing a potential user's attention and interest in a product. It is a preferable approach compared to outbound marketing, which merely pushes services and products to users. The Mother's Day video at Jurong Point Shopping Center is a reflection of the marvel of employing inbound marketing.

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Inbound marketing has four components: attract, convert, close, and delight (Donahower, 2016). Jurong Point Shopping Center focused on these areas in its marketing campaign. Mother's Day is a global celebration when people appreciate their mothers. The day was a crucial tool in attracting people given that most of the society considers Mother's Day to be a special occasion. The shopping centre published the video on its Facebook page. It was a strategic move to obtain the contact information of potential customers without directly asking for it; it is hard for most people to provide such information. Many people that watched the touching video liked it. Therefore, the shopping centre could keep track of potential users as well as their information, which is publicly available on Facebook. After identifying potential clients and obtaining their contact information, Jurong Shopping Center can use tools such as social media monitoring, lead nurturing, and market automation to convert their leads into customers. The final stage of inbound marketing is delight. It involves providing great content for the existing customers to turn them into promoters for the business. A Facebook user wrote that the video was very touching and appreciated viewing it (Abu Baker & Min, 2015). Jurong provided good content for lead customers as well as the existing ones.

Inbound marketing has proved to be viable in the present markets. I believe that outbound marketing is headed out because it is difficult to attract customers with content that does not interest them (Gregg, n.d.). Furthermore, inbound marketing is better than outbound due to the following reasons: it is permission-based and quantifiable. Outbound marketing targets huge audiences and interrupts them with ads. Most of such people will ignore the ads because they find them interrupting. On the other hand, inbound marketing is permission-based because the clients can choose to follow what interests them. Another advantage of inbound marketing strategy is that its quantifiable unlike the immeasurable outbound approach. Using complex algorithms, a business can track effective marketing strategies and convert potential customers to clients. In time, people will appreciate the benefits of inbound marketing and stop using the outbound approach.


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