Will Technology Save Sears? Essay Example

Published: 2018-02-27
Will Technology Save Sears? Essay Example
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Will technology save Sears

a. Analysis of Sears using value chain models and competitive forces and

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Sears has manufactured its business at the expense of its image for a really long time. It didn't characterize the Sears brand as far as the evolving client, or on the off chance that it did, it never mirrored the considerate in their stores, marketing or areas.

b. The problem Sears faced

Sears invested heavily in information technology. The company spent a lot of its income on networking and information technology compared to other non-computer companies in the country. However, this did not reflect so well on their competitive advantage and Sears had their highest cost structure in the market. It had a problem reducing its operation cost, could not keep pace with the merchandise trends and had poor outlet remodeling. This caused the company to make a loss of $7billion.

c. The solution to Sears’ problem and the role of technology

Sears selected technology to be its solution. They believed that by applying high technology in their services would win back the customer loyalty and place them back in high demand. They also intended to use technology to personalize their marketing strategies and build and good legacy.

d. The effectiveness of the solution

The solution was not effective to the company. it failed to appeal to most people especially the youths and as a result, the company kept sinking even after it had invested so much in technology and rebranding of their outlets.

Facebook's confidentiality

a. The relationship of confidentiality to Facebook's commercial model

Facebook's whole plan of action depends on the collection and sharing client data. They give individuals a free online networking stage to utilize and thus offer to promote and bits of knowledge in light of what they find out about the client. Facebook has huge abilities to gather, store, and investigate information. This permits Facebook to offer greatly focused on publicizing. In this manner, privacy acts as a Facebook business model.

b. The shortcomings of Facebook's confidentiality rules and features

The shortcoming behind Facebook's security issues was an absence of correspondence amongst Facebook and its clients. Clients didn't know that they could control what data was being imparted to outer gatherings. Facebook's utilization of their Guide publicizing administration brought about the primary issue for clients. This administration filled in as an approach to educating clients of buys and exercises of their companions outside of Facebook. There were two issues with this administration, first, it was a quite benefit, which means the clients themselves needed to kill the administration to not have their data shared and second notwithstanding when clients killed the administration it kept on sharing their data. The presentation of the "news nourish" was met with restriction from clients since they felt it was excessively intrusive. Rather than just sharing notices the news encourages shared extra data, for example, profile upgrades, including new companions, and including new applications. Mistakenly taking care of client data while erasing their records additionally brought on a reaction for Facebook. Facebook servers would keep client data for all time, with the thinking that it would be less demanding for the clients to reactivate their records on the off chance that they decided to.

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