Essay Example on the Conflict in the Middle East and Africa

Published: 2022-05-22
Essay Example on the Conflict in the Middle East and Africa
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The national security, health, and economy of the US majorly lie on the management of the vital infrastructure. The services and operation of the essential infrastructure depend on the regional as well as the global agreements. The state of instability in other regions, as well as different continents such Africa and the Middle East, significantly delineates the infrastructural operations in the United States. The paper is set to discuss the importance of international agreements in protecting the American infrastructure, basing my argument on the current conflicts in the Middle East and Africa.

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The United States has a connection with different states in different regions and different continents for the smooth operation of its infrastructure. The economy of the US highly depends on the Middle East. The US has a market base for firearms in the Middle East. The significant economic initiative between the US and the Middle East is oil as a commodity. The Middle East is the primary source of oil and gas in the world, supplies the US with its oil. With the current state of conflict in the Middle East, the trade operations are therefore paralyzed, leading to impairment in the American economy (Halpern, 2015).

America has, therefore, a military force, deployed at the Persian Gulf to ensure the free flow of oil in the US. If they could have been peace in the Middle East, then the United States of America wouldn't have wasted the financing of a military army in securing the free flow of oil from the Middle East. The state of conflicts and instability has therefore proved to be more costly for the US than it would be in a case of peace and stability.

Africa is home to the various natural resources. America has been interested in the multiple resources for use in the different infrastructural development. The African resources have been useful to the US and other states since the First World War. Some of these resources include the precious stones used in the American construction industries. With terror conflicts and state of instability in Africa, the US is not likely to engage with Africa to acquire the given products. In return, the adverse effect will be felt in the different sectors of the various US infrastructure.

The fund which would otherwise be used by the US to develop most of its infrastructure is therefore used to provide aid for the conflict-prone developing countries in Africa. The support offered to the African states such as Nigeria to help fight terrorism diverts the American development funding. The US also uses its fund for peacebuilding in the conflict dominated countries in the world (Hewitt, 2017). The economy, healthcare as well as the other sectors of the US infrastructure, therefore, get impaired.

In conclusion, it is right to note that international agreements, peace, and stability are essential for the infrastructural growth and development of a given state. The United States of America, in particular, depends on global and regional agreements for the proper operations of its infrastructure. The rise in instability and conflict in the different regions interferes with the various sectors of the US infrastructure, ranging from the economy all through to the HealthCare. The current state of conflict in the Middle East and Africa has to a great extent altered the developmental progress of the United States.


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