Essay Example on Preventive Care Within the Health Unit

Published: 2023-01-13
Essay Example on Preventive Care Within the Health Unit
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Preventive care will solve a lot of issues in the health sector. The idea can save lives and reduce the cost of services. This integrated review seeks to give reasons why Preventive care should be introduced in the medical field and closer to the citizen. It will discuss the scope of the problem and the variables; it will analyze and avenues towards its growth and impacts on the innovative nature of the health system.

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Preventive care is the care a person receives to prevent an injury or an illness from occurring. This can extend to counseling services that are currently being offered to some communities. This plan is slightly more intensive and boosts the innovative nature of the health system. People are spending a lot of money managing illnesses they could have easily prevented by themselves (Shafer & Ghering,2019). Most are lifestyle diseases that could have been solved by a simple preventive care service. Many families are not being offered a chance to get early screening and immunization. This has exposed them to a lot of diseases.

In this research, the independent variable is the cost of access to the medication and health care services while the independent variable is the availability of the preventive care unit within. Preventive care has helped a lot of America citizens by lowering the cost of services when accessing health services. The people who can enjoy Prevention care can receive medical advice that can help them before they can even be diagnosed with any disease. According to research, hospital care is not affordable. It makes a third of all health care costs in the country. There was an increased visit to the emergency room between the years 2005 and 2011 by great a great margin of 90%(Simon & Soni, 2017). This situation can be interpreted as five adults visited the emergency room per day. The reason is very clear. They never had a place to actually get preventive care. This costs up to ten billion dollars a year. This can easily be stopped.

There are the main health benefits of the plan. This kind of preventive care includes screening the body, carrying out tests and immunizations that can help the physician to locate a health problem earlier before it becomes a major health threat that requires an emergency room. The preventive care plan stops a lot of diseases from turning chronic.

Preventive care can include visits for check-ups. The annual exam, that enables the doctor to check the heartbeat rates, Wight and even the blood sugar -levels. This can be termed as a personal maintenance routine. It can come as routine Immunization. There are several immunization schedules that adults can follow. These can help a person from easily catching tetanus, flu or any other infection. There are many other forms of preventive care such as undergoing colorectal cancer screening, breast cancer checkups, and general cervical cancer screening for women. The mental depression, both diabetes types and other lifestyle-related diseases can only be avoided by an early check-up by a counselor and a health physician.


In conclusion, the preventive care when introduced to the health system and the community it will save A lot of taxpayers money. It will be an educative platform and the community will get a chance to relax knowing that their health issues are taken care of even before they require serious attention like surgery and other costly ventures. If it is made an interactive forum. Future generations will never have to go far to get health advice. They shall easily be informed on the lifestyles they need to abandon, by their respective health caregiver during a check-up visit. This will be an advantage to the generational communities.


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