Free Essay. Make a Self-Assessment

Published: 2023-04-11
Free Essay. Make a Self-Assessment
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Just like publicizing, which deals with labeling, strategies, and tactics for design improvement of company image to acquire their target client (Gregory, 2017). And this also applies to the profession myself included. The way I tailor myself is essential. The manner in which I present myself to various employers is vital. From the assessment, I have realized that I require a plan to manage my specialized life just like Amazon, through rebranding. Creating a personal brand statement can go a long way in keeping me focused just like an Amazon marketing strategy, which relies on its marketing states, as shown in my assessment. I need to assess myself to determine my fortes and capitalized on them while improving on my weaknesses as well.

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"My action and next step"

"The job market has grown more competitive over the years. An increasing number of skilled workers are competing for a shrinking pool of jobs, and every year millions of undergraduate and graduate students enter the labor force to compete against more experienced workers" (Vivek, Beatty and Morgan, 2012 And this is among the very many risks that every professorial face in their respective industries. Henceforth I have decided to improve on my performance; I need to make a self-assessment to determine whether I have attained my set goals and objective.

Many times, as professionals, we tend to get comfortable with where we are career-wise; whoever I have learned from my study of Amazon is that we should always strive to doi better and strive to grow every day and attempt new things. Bezos started by retailing books, but today he has diversified his products to thousand offerings of products and services (Fehrnstrom and Rich, 2009).

For my personal growth, have decided to occasionally check on advertisements and personal stipulations for my present position and the specific post that I hope to fill in the future and make sure that I qualify for it.


"Do you remember leaving school or university and thinking that exams and assessment would be a thing of the past? It doesn't take long to realize that the workplace can be an equally intense and competitive learning environment" (Mill C., 2013). an individual ought to constantly take advantage of the opportunities presented to them to better themselves, and the fact is much can be learned through reading.

Finishing this module and my assessment on Amazon has opened my eyes to a lot of things and educated me in several ways. The Chief Executive Officer of this e-commerce giant has helped me appreciate that no matter how tiny our dreams are; we ought never stop improving ourselves to achieve it. He started small, and now he is the most respected person, business-wise. It is important to have a plan, in everything a person does, a plan makes things seem easy to accomplish and makes sure that they area achieves for a plan acts as a checklist on what to be done.


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