Paper Example: Current Issues Facing Nurses in Healthcare

Published: 2023-03-08
Paper Example: Current Issues Facing Nurses in Healthcare
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Nurses are essential to the hospital setting and patient caregiving. Nurses should be celebrated and rewarded for the care they provide and their nurturing attitude toward patients. Although their roles may not be easily recognized or appreciated, they are a very fundamental component of the hospital. The career of a nurse is not without challenges, and this paper seeks to highlight and expound on four significant challenges that nurses face in their working.

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Perhaps the major shortcoming of nurses is staffing. Insufficient nurses and nurse aids in emergency clinic settings is a significant worry for medical attendants. A recent study led indicated a large percentage of nurses confirmed moderate, critical, or extreme nursing lack at their medicinal services associations, and most accept the deficiencies would intensify throughout the following five years. It is crucial, however, that other research demonstrated variety among the country's significant metropolitan territories, with some confronting medical caretaker deficiencies and others confronting surpluses.

It gets widely known that nurses additionally consider personnel shortages as a barrier to persistent security and the safety of patients. Even though nurses play a very crucial role in the patient's wellbeing, they are very few, and thus one nurse is tasked with too much workload. It is safe to say that these nurses rarely have enough time to rest and relax. For that reason, they end up getting overworked, and this might even affect their performance. The social life of nurses gets poorly developed as it revolves around patients and the hospital automatically becomes their second home. This is a direct result of research indicating the advantages of the infiltration of nursing care, she said. For example, the AMN Healthcare study found 34 percent of CNOs said staffing issues have a significant or incredible negative effect on patients' service (Gooch, 2019). Furthermore, look into distributed by the National Center for Biotechnology Information indicated nursing deficiencies brought about medical negligence and death rates.

The second challenge for nurses is long working hours. To help makeup with increasing staffing shortages, medical attendants are frequently required to work long shifts or even double shifts when need be. Once in awhile, attendants must work extended hours and extra time, gambling weakness that could prompt therapeutic mistakes. The Medscape RN/LPN Salary Report 2016 demonstrated 47 percent of enlisted attendants, and 52 percent of authorized commonsense medical caretakers announced working ordinary additional time. The issue likely has not changed altogether over the most recent couple of years; however, individuals are talking about it more (Saleh, Mahran & Taher, 2017). Nurses will remain late, work additional hours or return to work after little rest if their working environment needs them. Be that as its a general rule that is inconsistent with proof we have about being the most gainful and most secure social insurance experts.

The third challenge is to work environment dangers. Attendants face various work environment dangers, for example, introduction to bloodborne pathogens, wounds, hand washing-related dermatitis, cold and influenza germs. A typical work hazard for the nurse is the needlestick wounds as issues for medical caretakers, yet in general, accepts emergency clinics have made a superior showing of diminishing realized working environment risks. There is a need to set standard ground rules and measures whose objectives are to decrease working environment wounds, especially wounds where the skin is infiltrated by a sharp item, for example, a needle or surgical blade.

Finally, nurses get faced with working environment brutality and professional harassment. Work environment viciousness is additionally a problem that needs to get addressed for medical attendants. A Government Accountability Office report distributed in March 2016 discovered that nurses and nurse-aid in inpatient offices, for example, clinics, experienced significantly higher evaluated paces of nonfatal wounds contrasted with private-area nurses in general. Hitting, kicking, and beating were the most well-known episodes announced.

To avert these nursing challenges, medicinal services associations and work associations speaking to nursing staff ought to build up strategies intended to avoid attendants who give direct patient consideration from working longer than 12 hours in a 24-hour time frame and over 60 hours for every seven-day term (Clark & Clark, 2003). Schools of nursing, state sheets of nursing, and human services associations ought to teach nurture about the dangers of understanding security brought about by exhaustion. Nursing associations should make handwashing, and drug organization top needs in improving patient wellbeing. Clinics and nursing homes ought to do a continuous assessment of their medical caretaker setting up levels regarding persistent welfare.

In medical clinic ICUs, there ought to be one authorized attendant for every two patients. In nursing homes, for long-stay occupants, there ought to be one RN for every 32 patients, one authorized medical caretaker for every 18 patients, and one nursing right hand for every 8.5 patients. Social insurance associations ought to furnish nurture pioneers with assets, so they can plan the nursing workplace and patient consideration procedures to decrease restorative blunders. These assets should help medical caretakers to find supplies effectively and limit repetitive and pointless patient documentation (Zydziunaite, 2012).


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