Essay Example on Behavioral and Situational Leadership Approach

Published: 2022-07-07
Essay Example on Behavioral and Situational Leadership Approach
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Northouse' Understanding of the Behavioral and Situational Approach to leadership

According to Northouse, the behavioral approach requires balancing the perceived concepts of an individual in line with the required situations. Behavioral approach is required to be directed according to the driving force and situations on the ground (Northhouse, n. d.). Northhouse is used to studying the students' behavior and connecting his approach to the basic tasks amid making them enjoy the tasks. The behavioral approach requires proper ways of balancing the tasks and enabling the individual to enjoy what they are meant to do (Northhouse, n. d.). According to the video, Northhouse portrays that studying the behavior of students is required in designing the best and most alluded to the way of learning that is mindful of the enjoyment required to make the practice to be self-motivation.

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Northhouse behavioral approach is concerned with studying both the strengths and shortcomings of the trainees before choosing the best approach that is friendly and attainable. The behavioral approach requires focusing on the shift of emphasis and focusing on the attention and against personal traits and qualities. Northhouse maintains an interpersonal relationship with his allies thus making the subordinate members or his trainees feel appreciated in their endeavors.

According to the situational approach, Northhouse portrays that different situations lead to different ways of handling people under leadership. According to Northouse (n. d.), the situational approach is applicable in consulting. A leader's involvement is concerned with the maturity of the people to be directed (Northhouse, n. d.). The younger the minds of the subordinate staff, the more involvement of the leader. The fit between leaders and the situation is put at the forefront in enhancing good and most appropriate interpersonal relationships (McCleskey, 2014).

Leadership-Member Theory

According to leadership member exchange theory, there is the need to focus on the interactions between leaders to share their concepts and ways of leadership that is connected to different leadership theories. There is a focal point of leadership theory when leaders meet to share their leadership approaches (Lloyd, Boer & Voelpel, 2017). The subordinate followers feel to be part of the group.

The characteristics of leadership theory are:

  • It focuses on the dyadic relationship as a centerpiece of the leadership process.
  • It directs attention to the importance of communication in the process of leadership (Lloyd et al., 2017).
  • It is related to the theory of positive organizational outcomes.
  • It provides grounds for recognition of the existence of the in-groups and possible outgroups within the organization.


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