Essay Sample about the Lucy Story

Published: 2019-09-23
Essay Sample about the Lucy Story
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The story in Lucy depicts a struggle by the main character to come to terms with her real self that is her origin and being. As common with any other growing and upcoming young person, the changes that accompany being gradually exposed to the real realities of life and awareness of environment can be very impactful and full of surprises. A more vivid exposure to things around one and interaction with people as they are in life becomes a real proves more than the deluded view of a child's world. This begs the question, probably within the minds of many readers of this text, that, how impactful are the effects of self-realization and what is the ideal reaction when such events unfold in an individual's life. Well, such a transition in life is inevitable, just as the writer by herself comes to terms with this and declares that, at one time she was a child, but within no time, she was never one again.

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The events leading up to the main character's realization of herself are a complex and contradictory at least in her own understanding and even in our own as readers. At one point she thinks she knows all about their isolated Island, basing on the point their family lives. In fact, she calls the island small, judging by what she has so far seen. However, later she finds that the Island is more complex and larger than she thought by her own. What is amazingly contradicting is the fact that a foreigner, a grown woman, helps her realize her own home. Although she does later acknowledge her detest for the Britons, she is continuously involved with them. She even sang in the choir, songs of praise to them to reign forever.

However, as expected by any other reader, the changes and differences that catch up with the character are inevitable. For a girl child, like the main character, the physiological changes in her body like the development of breasts and puberty onset are expected. The continued evolvement of the events leading up to her future and her abandoning her past is an inevitable part of life and is expected in the process of one's life. The character loses her friends and family siblings and the joy she used to enjoy in her past. Such processes are unavoidable in life.

The author of the story has effectively used the character to bring out the various thematic effects associated with her to the reader. Using a rather somber and regret filled tone the character implies the great effects and challenges that come in hand with life changes. The reader is led through a series of negative impacts of change and is forewarned of the encounters associated with the wrong side of change. The negative impact of colonial rule and affiliations is also a developed theme in this text. The woman detests the stony-faced sour woman's image on her stamp, which is far too non-impressive to be on a post stamp. She detests the Britons and prefers the French, due to their friendly nature and kind-heartedness.

It is, therefore, appropriate to be prepared to combat the change and the challenges that come along with it. Lifelong alterations and perceptions of the world do change, and an individual should position themselves to be on the right and brighter side of such changes as they come about. The affected person should forget the events that are passed and adopt a new perception of their new world and life, as a vital measure in this process. Otherwise, a person would constantly be withdrawn into their tormenting past and regretful life.

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