The Cauliflower, Essay Example about Consumer Behavior

Published: 2022-03-02
The Cauliflower, Essay Example about Consumer Behavior
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Low-carb foods have become favored due to the advantages of healthy living. The cauliflower falls into this category. Based on this, it is essential to come up with a consumer behavior using appropriate data obtained through marketing research. The relationship between consumer behavior and marketing analysis enables the marketer to understand how to influence potential customers and thus increase profits.

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Factors that affect Consumer Behavior

Environmental Factors

Supply of certain goods is dependent on the environment. The cauliflower is one of such commodities. Since this is an agricultural product, the availability depends on the weather and seasons of the year. For instance, in the case study involving Amy Elliot describes that the price of the cauliflower had increased due to increased demand but a diminished supply. The reduced quantity was attributed to cold weather in Arizona and California. It is therefore inferable that for the cauliflower business to create a balance between demand and supply, the favorable weather is required.

Consumer Factors

In a typical market, the consumers have the liberty of making choices based on the issues around them. For instance, some consumers have a lifestyle that allows higher spending power than others. Such people will be able to make purchases provided the product is on the shelves. From the market research, Amy Elliott's priority is to buy cauliflower no matter the price. On the other hand, Ms. Deming has a passion for low-carb, but she is unwilling to spend any amount that would stretch her budget. It is against her values; hence, she switches to more economical options. Another consumer factor is customer preferences, and personality as Debbie Podolsky complains that her favorite version was unavailable in the groceries (Sidel, 2016).

Role of Involvement in Purchase Decisions

Some customers tend to get very attached to a product based on their beliefs. For the case of the cauliflower, its low-carb property is associated with weight loss, and hence individuals who are deeply involved in weight loss programs are bound to keep buying. Amy Elliott is seen as being willing to sacrifice everything to achieve her New Year's diet. Some cauliflower fans even vocalize their views that as much as cauliflower is expensive, the health benefits are more important.

Consumer Decision-making processes

Problem Recognition

In this case, most consumers resort to cauliflower after recognizing that foods with high carbohydrate content are unhealthy. To market the cauliflower, the marketer has to focus on the effects of carbohydrates on health and weight.

Information Search

Upon realizing that carbohydrates are a reason for weight gain it is important to gather facts on the kind of food that contains a low level of carbs. Such data is available in blogs such as the one by Mellissa Sevigny cited in the case study research.

Alternative Evaluation

At this moment, as a marketer, it is necessary first to convince the consumers that low carb foods are more efficient than gluten-free (Nikkola, 2012). After that, it is essential to give the advantages that cauliflower has compared to the other options such as broccoli.

Outlet Selection and Purchase

Customers want products which are readily available at their favorite stores. It is for this reason that when doing marketing, the consumer should be given a list of stores selling the cauliflower. At the same time, the product has to be supplied to every major grocery.

Post-purchase processes

To ensure that a customer comes back for a similar product, the supplier must guarantee customer satisfaction. To do this, after sales services can be included. This strategy could involve offering recipes to ensure that the consumer can feel the impact.


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