Taking Care of Immigrants' Kids - Education Essay Example

Published: 2022-04-05
Taking Care of Immigrants' Kids - Education Essay Example
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Focus of analysis

The purpose of this macro analysis is to examine the current strategies and future potential programs for taking care of kids from immigrants. Currently, immigrant children have limited opportunities to education compared to other children in the host country, and have lower participation rates in non-parental care of any kind. This site is committed to addressing this issue by teaching kids of immigrant's simple maths, science, and Korean language to help them achieve their goals and live a good life. This analysis will explore knowledge about the best methods for caring for immigrant kids online by conducting a careful investigation of books, reports articles that touch on education for kids.

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This proposal gives a detailed macro analysis of how to equip the children of immigrants and improve their learning environment by involving online curricula activities. This analysis proposes an extensive integration of quality online site education for immigrant children by changing learning content, style and teaching methods of the learning process that not only cares for the unique needs of each immigrant but also uses the most strategic online strategies.

Research questions

How can I integrate a learning solution that gets immigrant children learning simple math, science and Korean language to be actively engaged in site learning?

How can the site offer stylistics and dynamic content focus on content resources for immigrant kids, and link their learning to current events about online kid's education as well as offering examples that are easy to grasp and access.

What are the components of teaching online mathematics?

What are the components of teaching online science?

What are the components of teaching online Korean language?

How can the site assist children of immigrants with difficulties learning a foreign language?

Theoretical concepts

The focus of this site is to take care of immigrants by teaching them simple math, science and Korean language in the most efficient way possible. To achieve this objective, this analysis uses the concept of child-centered approach, which focuses on the needs of the immigrant learner rather than the content of the curriculum. Part of the explanation for using this idea is that immigrants come from a wide range of cultural backgrounds, and therefore have differing needs and requirements.

While their many definitions of child-centered approach, it is referred to as an approach that takes care of the special needs of each child. Findings by Mieko revealed that teaching children should be motivational and attitudinal, and teaching units with specific themes. This way, the site will encourage children to take learning into their own hands using their unique experiences, instead of everything being determined by the curriculum.

A child-centered approach for teaching immigrants focuses more on the mental requirements than physical needs. It does not pay particular attention to activities performed by the immigrants but focuses on the needs of the immigrants that affect their learning capabilities. This is to help children who after learning their families and friend behind, step foot into a strange culture with strange food, strange ascent, and rituals. When children from immigrants are enrolled in Korean classes, they experience cultural shock and find it challenging to learn from the rest of the students.

In addition to child-centered approach, there is evidence that a reader-response approach is an effective teaching method for kids. Chaudhary (2016) found that this approach can significantly encourage migrant kids to use their unique experiences and feelings to interpret meaning in maths, science and Korean Language.

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