Paper Example: Environmental Studies Are Vital to Understanding Disease Management

Published: 2023-10-30
Paper Example: Environmental Studies Are Vital to Understanding Disease Management
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Body: Chronic traumatic encephalopathy is a brain disorder related to repeated head knockbacks. The malady symptoms may not become visible instantly but after an immense period with associated brain injuries. Persons who mainly get diagnosed with CTE are boxers, wrestlers, and soldiers. Often, diagnosis becomes identified death of the patient afterward. Researchers have never adopted the significant number of concussions to kick start CTE, but the assumption is based on the hefty amount of hurtful brain damage.

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Thesis: Chronic traumatic encephalopathy requires strategic considerations to understand patients diagnosed with CTE. Therefore, symptoms of the disease as well as effects of CTE, its risk factors, plus prevention measures.

Chronic traumatic encephalopathy is a brain disorder caused by solid head punches and recurrent incidents of concussion. Signs or symptoms of the disease may appear late in the patient's lifespan.

Signs and symptoms: CTE symptoms encompass; short-term memory loss, regular deviations in moods, difficulty in thinking, erratic behavior, trouble with attentiveness, and disorientation.

Health effects: When the condition worsens, one can remain affected by incoherent speech and exertion in eating. However, symptoms among individuals always differ (Smith et al., 2019).

Risk factors and preventive steps: The risk factors of chronic traumatic encephalopathy have not become majorly established by medics, but the apparent risk remains permanent head injuries (Phelps et al., 2020). Furthermore, concerns that, may develop the commencement of the sickness include; contact sports such as hockey and rugby, military past masters, who had access to warfare activities, and domestically abused persons (Mez et al., 2017). Chronic traumatic encephalopathy can be preventable by individuals observing certain precautions. Firstly, people can avoid contact sports such as rugby since it may cause head injuries. If necessary, athletes need to become dressed with appropriate protective apparatus besides, abiding by safety rules and guidelines in the entire gaming period. Finally, proper medication necessitates undertaking in case an individual receives a head injury.

Diagnosis and treatment: Presently, there is no certified method to diagnose CTE since it's a novel disorder in which medics are still researching to bring out its perfect understanding. The disease only gets diagnosed during the autopsy; hence, identified to the patient after his death. In case the condition becomes suspected by the physicians, they examine the medical history of the patient and conduct brain imaging (Tsai, 2020). Moreover, chronic traumatic encephalopathy has no underlined treatment procedure. Consequently, individuals ought to avert risk activities which, may result in the commencement of the disease. Experts have proposed care can get provided the same as to dementia patients.

Outcomes and prognosis: Additionally, persons living with CTE are compelled to exercise regularly and maintain a healthy diet to release the pains (Cantu and Budson, 2019). The patients always live a healthy lifestyle and are required to manage their feelings plus compelling to medics' instructions. Managing of CTE as a patient is vital for well-being. Pain management is necessary to take medicine and undertaking massages while memory-boosting by trying to recall antecedent events and practicing behavioral rehabilitation to enhance perfect mood. These measures support the CTE patient to live positively with the condition.

Research: Plentiful researchers are proceeding to develop remedies to CTE. Contemporary studies have been channeled into treating the disease by coming up with diagnosis meters since it is currently diagnosed with speculation.

Prevention strategies are also being examined. Further findings should attempt to come up with generating machines that, can enhance accessible medication on brain injuries since they are majorly fatal.

Conclusion: CTE is a new disease, and studies are underway to develop the desired treatment and diagnosis. Presently, the disease has neither treatment nor diagnosis. Its diagnosis remains difficult for a living person.


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