Essay Sample on Reasonable Accommodation for Individuals With Disabilities in Public Places

Published: 2023-03-07
Essay Sample on Reasonable Accommodation for Individuals With Disabilities in Public Places
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Summarize the Camara (2009) article: "ADA Compliance and Reasonable Accommodation in Crisis Management: A Suggested Action Plan for Employers" (150-200 words single spaced).

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This article discusses the need to have reasonable accommodation for individuals with disabilities in public places. It as well addresses the need for the prompt and safe evacuation of disabled individuals in a case of emergency or a disaster. The article highlights disasters in the U.S: The bombing of the World Trade Center in 1993, The September 11 attack in 2001, and the Hurricane Catrina in 2005 (ADA, 2009). There is an analysis of the reaction and evacuation of disabled people prior to the 2001 attack. Employers and first responders relied on prior disaster warnings in order to evacuate the disabled, but after 2005, adjustments were made to accommodate the swift and safe evacuation of disabled individuals in unforeseen disasters. Shortcomings of the plan discussed are the unavailability of laws to guard the rights of individuals living with disabilities. Even after the adjustments had been made, there were some tragic endings for disabled people in disasters and emergencies when the reasonable accommodation guidelines were not followed to the latter. Such cases are also outlined in the article.

Describe your organization's (or an organization with which you are familiar) preparedness to accommodate the needs of the disabled for quick and safe evacuation during emergencies. What suggestions do you have for how the organization may improve its current level of preparedness? (150-200 words single-spaced)

Deloitte is an accounting company that has gone to lengths to support employees with disabilities. The company offers support, training, and tailor based systems to accommodate accountants with disabilities. In line with the support, the buildings that house this organization are also designed to accommodate persons with disabilities. There are ramps at the entrance for their use, as well as elevators to aid their movement from floor to floor. In the event of an emergency evacuation, the company has marked and easily accessible assembly points for all the staff members. There is also an internal guideline system each employee is taken through when joining the company, detailing the evacuation process for members, including people with disabilities. The company conducts emergency evacuation drills once a year to ascertain the preparedness of the staff members to such scenarios. I would recommend that the company conduct refresher training sessions on the evacuation process. Liaising with first responders in conducting the drills would also help in sealing the loopholes that might exist in the evacuation guidelines and process.

Explain the importance of having a formal workplace accommodation policy (100-150 words single spaced). Develop a workplace accommodation policy for your organization (or an organization with which you are familiar). Use the headings, as shown in the Appendix.

Every person's life is precious and needs to be valued and protected as so. Opportunities need to be given to all sorts of people to work and live normal lives. The physical disabilities of an individual do not determine their abilities in life. It is, therefore, necessary for organizations to have workplace accommodation policies to facilitate the inclusivity of individuals with disabilities (Ireson, Sethi & Williams, 2018). Having the plan also alleviates the confusion and conflicts that may occur in the event of an emergency evacuation. This would make the process easier and safer for all the people involved. All in all, the policy reassures the workers and the clients of their safety without discrimination.

Appendix 1

Workplace Accommodation Policy

Policy Statement

The company is committed to providing an all-inclusive work environment for the staff members. Access to workstations, lavatory facilities, and lobby areas should be available to all staff members.

Training on the guidelines and the procedures to be undertaken by the staff members is made available to all, and requests of refresher training can be made. This information is also made available to all staff members and is easily accessible in the internal online platform.

Any member staff member with a disability is responsible for identifying themselves as such and is responsible for requesting the assistance required in line with this policy


This policy applies to all workers in the organization, including part-time workers.

The policy is to be considered at all times during working hours and at any other time that the employee is within the organization's building.


The employees - This includes all who are involved in the daily running of the organization. This entails the board members, all the full-time workers, part-time workers, contracted workers, and interns in the organization.

The person with a disability - This is an individual with physical challenges pertaining to motor skills. Individuals with visual and hearing impairments are also considered persons with disabilities.

Responsibilities and Expectations (Organization, Supervisors, Employees/Job Applicants)

The organization is expected to provide an all-inclusive environment for all the employees involved in the day to day running of the organization. The ease of accessibility to the amenities in the facility should be equally applicable to all individuals.

The employees and job applicants are expected to disclose any case of disability on their part and the assistance required at the workplace.

Procedures for Accommodations

A request for accommodation is made; the employee or applicant does this. They have the responsibility of identifying as persons with disabilities.

The appropriate documentation is provided to support the disability and the requested accommodation. This might include the medical records from the doctor and the official recognition of the individual as a person with a disability.

A reasonable accommodation is made, if appropriate. Upon the examination of the request and the supporting evidence, the administration has the right to make the necessary arrangements for accommodation. This includes the individual's parking spot, the floor they work in, and the emergency evacuation procedures of the individual.


All the employees are required to adhere to the accommodation policy. On the other hand, the individuals with disability need to be mindful of their fellow workers and not pose a threat to their safety

Privacy and Confidentiality

An individual's status should not be broadcasted to any others, including employees. The dignity of such individuals should be maintained, and any information shared concerning the individual should be done in a dignified manner and for the right motives (Madison, 2016).

Policy Review

The accommodation policy is meant to facilitate inclusivity for all and assure the employees of their safety in the workplace.


More details and guidelines are included in the company's internal online platform.


26th November 2019.


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