HR Management Essay Example on Theories X, Y, Z

Published: 2022-09-27
HR Management Essay Example on Theories X, Y, Z
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Theories X, Y, and Z are based on the fact that how a manager treats their employees and their general attitude at the workplace has a great effect on employee motivation and can affect the output of the company or organization. These theories were set in motion by Douglas McGregor who generally believed that if the attitude of every manager was checked from time to time then the work output by employees would be productive. The following essay thus seeks to explain a personal opinion on which of these three theories is most effective (Gannon 84).

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As an employee, I would prefer managers that use apply theory Y in terms of their management and attitude a work. This is because theory Y explains work as being something natural and not forced. In addition to that, the theory explains that work can be a source of satisfaction and not just done for the purpose of getting money only, however, this can only be achieved when directed at a higher level towards psychological needs of a human being.

Furthermore, I believe that every employee no matter the job one is doing or position they have, at the end of the day most employees are seeking motivation at work. The best way to keep employees motivated is by using what is suggested by theory Y and that is by aiming at the higher level of needs required by employees and this include building on their self-esteem and their self-actualization. This is actualized by treating the employees as equals and not slaves by ensuring that each and everyone acquires some sort of authority which make them more motivated (Mohamed 715).

The type of manager that motivates me the most is one who uses theory Y, this is because they create an environment where I do not feel like I am forced to come to work every day and also that someone is watching every move I make. This in return makes work feel more natural and at the end of the day, I also enjoy waking up every morning to come to work and also do my job to the best of my ability without holding anything back. Moreover, the level of creativity at work would also be high because the people are allowed to think of new ideas that can help the company and present them to the manager freely without feeling intimidated or threatened.

If I was a manager I would also apply theory Y to motivate my employees because I believe that the first step towards the success of any company or organization is through listening to the employees. First of all, as a manager, I am barely involved in the daily small scale running of the company and I rely on my employees to do most of the heavy lifting. Therefore, with this in mind, I understand that the people who are doing most of the work are the ones who understand the job better and ensuring that I give them a sense of authority and belonging that they would treat the tasks they are doing as if they were doing it for themselves.

In addition to that, the employees would also feel free to come to me with any issue that arises at the company and openly talk about without feeling intimidated because it is an open environment. This, in turn, helps the company correct many problems that may arise, therefore ensuring that the company is working at its optimum productivity. At the end of the day, I believe that an employee should be treated right and be able to freely express themselves at work and the application of theory Y in management is the key towards achieving this goal.

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