Environmental Conservation Free Essay

Published: 2019-05-27
Environmental Conservation Free Essay
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Modern society is considered to be a changing world that requires dynamic leaders to ensure longevity in the success of their organizations. Leadership is the ability to influence other people to develop goals, values and objectives which help in the creation of a sustainable development to ensure that the vision for the future is fulfilled (Marshall, 2011, p111). Leadership and sustainability is developed for the tomorrow leaders and this helps in the creation of special qualities in individuals and that would enable them to become good managers and develop unique leadership skills. Such skills also enable people to have a vision for the future and ensure active engagement with the environment in order ensure that ideas developed are transformed into reality (Metcalf, 2013, p370). The society appreciates the fact that the various environmental, social and economic challenges require sustainable leadership.

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The development of sustainable leadership in the changing environment enables organizations to develop ways that help to promote the changes to become beneficial to people, organizations, stakeholders and the world in general (Kiron, 2015, p111). Sustainability enables individuals to change the society from the unsustainable ways of living and working to enable the proper working of the society. In any organization, leadership should be taken by a number of people and ensure proper running of institutions. It should be distributed in the whole organization to ensure proper management, this is only possible through relationship building. The top leaders should be resonant leaders and who are able to create positive bonds with their staff and keep their staff to be focused to enable them to tackle the complex challenges in the society (Scott, 2012, p34). Leadership requires a number of competencies and leaders should provide opportunities to other subordinates to develop their leadership skills. This would enable holistic development of organizations to enable tackling of the challenges that their face in their daily activities.

Environmental management has gained a lot of interest in the modern society due to the challenges that result due to the dynamic modern society. Researchers posit that the modern day environmentalists must possess special skills that would enable them to tackle the dynamic factors that usually arise in the course of carrying out their duties and which cause a number of effects to the environment (Brown, 2011, p424). Environmentalists in the modern society should have the ability to discern their environmental management skills through the experiences that they have in the process of engaging in the society. Other studies confirm that environmental management is usually done through the daily activities that people go and is usually unnoticed. The challenge that people usually face is how to identify the activities that help them to conserve their environment (Gitsham, 2012, p300). The daily routines and the events are the milieu of our lives. Conservation holds a crucial place in the modern society and this determines the level of success that various countries have and the preservation of the society.

A number of factors help in the determination of the level of environmental conservation that individuals portray. Conservation entails a number of issues. One of such issues is the ethics. Ethics are the moral principles that help in governing the behavior of a person in the course of conducting any activity (Yeung, 2011, p230). It also deals with the determination of the distinction between the right and the wrong and the ability of the leaders to discern and choose the right decision from the wrong one. Ethics help in the development of a fruitful correlation and interaction between the environment and the society and this helps in the creation of partnerships that aid to prevent destruction of the environment (Carty, 2011, p87). Every individual has the ability and capacity to inspire and empower others in the society, however, every individual must be willing to ensure that they gain personal growth and development as they practice conservation.

Research questions

-What are the causes of environmental degradation?

-What are the impacts of environmental degradation in the modern society?

-What leadership traits are needed to tackle the environmental challenges?

-What are the skills needed to ensure proper growth and development?

-What are the effects of deficit of proper leadership and sustainability skills?

Aims and objectives of the research

-To introduce related concepts about corporate social responsibility and environmental control

-Review the effects of environmental degradation to the corporate social responsibility and the related business practices and strategies

-Evaluate the potential challenges of the environments to sustainable development and corporate social responsibility

Scope and constraints of the study

Environmental conservation is a field that has gained attention due to the societal issues and the need to ensure proper reduction of emission of greenhouse gases and the influence in ozone layer. Conservation requires contribution from professional from different environments among them being business leaders, entrepreneurs, contractors, political leaders among others. Due to limited resources, the study is likely to get the views of subordinates and junior leaders in environmental agencies and will not include the larger cohort professionals in the field. This will not affect the outcome of the research in a great manner since the middle level and the low level employees are in a suitable position to give respond to the questions adequately. Additionally, the research is limited to government environmental institutions since this would help to prove the authenticity, credibility of the findings and aid in making suggestions to include when amending and formulating the laws concerning environmental protection.

Significance of the research

The findings from this research would help various companies and organizations to understand the various challenges in the society relating to poor business practices to the environment in the modern dynamic society. Understanding the sources of problems would then help various leaders in the society to create lasting solutions for the issues relating to management, economic growth, environmental conservation and the society. Additionally, the recommendations that would be made at the end of the study would be helpful in the formulation of laws that regulate the systems of business activities in various organizations in the society. Moreover, governments would find the recommendations of great use since it would assist them to revolutionize the methods of environmental protection and help to adopt modern environmental protection practices. Finally, the study seeks to develop new ways of skill development and borrow from the existing knowledge on the social, economic and environmental challenges to create remedies for the same.

Literature review

Various authors in the modern society have carried out their research about the benefits of having a clean environment and why conservation gains increasing attention to individuals in the society. As Carty (2011) put it, in order to understand the true meaning and the impacts of environmental conservation in the society, there is need to understand the radicalism of sustainability and the impacts that the environment has on current and future generations. Carty proceeds to identify the practicability of sustainability and the various debates relating to critical thinking about reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. According to Cullen (2013), the reduction of emissions requires the identification of the challenges that the society needs to tackle, he posits that some of the common challenges that affects the society include lack of knowledge, poverty, inequality, struggling economies and economic systems, environmental degradation and poor animal welfare. He further explains the sustainability triangle that either comprises of issues relating to the economy, society and the environment or issues relating to animal welfare, society and the environment.

Cullen proceeds to say that the understanding of the sustainability triangle ensures that there is proper economic development, social justice, and environmental protection. The environmental issues affecting the society include issues relating to climatic change and this requires a very high degree of scientific consensus in order to tackling the emerging issues such as global warming. Additionally, the society needs to address the human activities that lead to the increase in environmental degradation. Scott (2012) also confirm that with the high degrees of climatic change, the society require that the world needs 80 percent reduction of emission of greenhouse gases in the industrial world and 50 percent reduction of the emission of greenhouse gases across the globe. Therefore, such a huge global challenge, among others, requires proper development of leadership skills. There is therefore the need to improve on the leadership and sustainability in the society to improve on the environment.

Additionally, Cavagnaro (2012) brings into context other environmental issues that require proper leadership in order to ensure sustainability. Such issues include habitat degradation, biodiversity loss, pollution, depletion of natural resources, the impacts of the renewables and the non-renewables in the society. Cavagnaro claims that the various effects on the environment have numerous implications among them being creating jeopardy for the future generations and the various challenges in the fulfillment of millennium development goals. Additionally, there are a number of effects on other species and which greatly affects the sustainability of the environment as a whole. According to Hardy (2012), the root causes to the effects of the environment result from the conflict between two imperatives in the society, the biological survival of organisms in the planet earth, the increasing limitations to access resources and the limited capacity to absorb wastes.

Wang (2012) offers ideas that help to conforms to the line of thought of Hardy and he says the other reason that has fueled the environmental challenges is the politics of various countries. This is the interest that various countries have to promote growth and increase in material well-being. This is causes great effects since development occurs in both the rich and the poor countries. The population outburst and the developments in various countries need immediate attention in order to ensure that the planet earth can accommodate the needs of the species and the effluents from the environment. Wang makes an analogy that if everyone in the society lived the lifestyle of an average European, then by the year 2050 the species would require three planet earths to accommodate the changes and developments.

As Cavagnaro suggests, there is a leadership challenge and various qualities are needed in order to prevent the numerous environmental degradation issues and prevent the numerous foreseen environmental challenges. One leadership that is critical in the environment is to inspire and lead others to ensure progression into one-planet living and working. People should develop leadership skills that would require that the society live quality lifestyles but limit on the environmental degradation. This requires various skills on sustainable development. The sustainable development requires that people develop the adventure of sustainability. The adventure of sustainability requires that people engage in the effects that activities in which they take part would have on th...

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