Free Essay on the Training for Sales Representatives

Published: 2019-11-20
Free Essay on the Training for Sales Representatives
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Clarify responsibilities and expectations

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The training should leave the sales representatives with full knowledge regarding their daily responsibilities and activities. The training should have a comprehensive vision of the process of progress within the organization.

To improve company knowledge

The training should have enough time and include suitable amount of information regarding the companys mission, values and policies

Enhance skill

The training should focus on enhancing skills. The sales representatives should put on new knowledge on how to handle clients and learn new ways of convincing customers to buy the product. The sales representatives should be sure in their skill to persuade the client on the value of the product, build a stable relation with them and break the ice with new customers.

Improve morale

The sales representative training should lift the morale of the trainees so that they leave the training with the positive attitude of delivering at the high level.

What employee will know upon completing the program?

Upon completion of the training, the sales representatives should be well conversant with how they advertise the companys product to business and individuals, how they maintain the accounts of the client, how they make sale presentation and how they contact potential clients. To achieve this, employees will have to keep the overall skills and have the ability to focus on essentials activities. The sales representatives should learn to respond to ideas and challenges and play an active role in improving the work environment and working methods (Dobre, 2013). The trainees should have good cooperation at the workplace in particular with the stakeholders and the outside parties. Notably, the sale representatives should be put into groups, and each group will have a supervisor who will be directing them on what they should do. Munoz should also make sure that the sales representatives work under pressure to meet the sales quotas. The sale representatives should be given enough support during their early days at the company to make sure that they get used to the companys culture immediately and quickly (Islam & Siengthai, 2009).

Audience analysis

The sales representatives should have excellent communication skills as they interact with clients daily. They should also be good listeners, excellent sales and negotiation skills and demo skills that will enable them to demonstrate the capability f the product apart from just understanding the product.

The sales representatives need to know what the buyers want and should sell the product in a responsive way. They should also be socially active with target customers and need to personalize their interaction with the client. They should have the resilience of handling the customer who turns down the product they will be offering.

Relevant and Background Knowledge

Individuals must have sales experience and excellent communication skills. Mr. Munoz should prefer trainees who have bachelor degrees although high diploma is enough to earn you this job. These individuals should also have a record of achievement in previous sales related position, and previous sales training program will be considered a definite plus. We exist in a technological world, and computer literacy is also essential in sales marketing job.

The training will be held as from 1st of next month to 15th at the companys conference hall. The company will organize a team of trainers from marketing department who will be offering lectures to trainees during this period on what is expected of them (Scott,2010). The training process should not end after the training period; supervisors that are mandated with the task of supervising the trainees should not only play supervisory role but rather training role


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