Profile Paper about Being in a Car Driving

Published: 2023-01-03
Profile Paper about Being in a Car Driving
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From the perception, the place is at the family farm where I had stopped my car. From the region, I can see bright dashboard and speedometer which are located inside the front area of the car. As I was driving, I could see a variety of trees. This condition made the region to look so beautiful. By the time I was driving, the sun was clear and could be seen moving down. The sense of sight is an essential component that helps people to identify other components and features which are related to the environment. Through the sense, I am able to differentiate physical components which are located in the place. As such, one can easily compare and contrast a factor so as to increase understanding, especially on how they interact.

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The sense of hearing was also highly applied when I could hear the wind blowing. The wind was blowing through the open window. The environment condition made the area so enjoyable and the best place to visit. Additionally, one could hear the music of all variety of genres. The application of the sense of hearing helped to identify some critical sounds which appeared during the region. The ear has the ability to transfer sound to the brain where information is analyzed and interpreted. Through sound interpretation, a person can easily communicate and understand a certain sound. In this case, the sense of hearing takes the music sound to mind where it is interpreted and then comprehend. Through the sound flow, I can easily sing and understand the message of the artist.

Touch is an essential sense that influences how a person feels a certain material using their hand. The sense is attached in the skin whereby it communicates whenever anything comes into contact. The sense is also associated with other health advantages such as oil glands which makes the skin so soft always. This sense was also applied when I could feel a smooth surface of the steering wheel. The sense helped to identify the bumpy gas pedal. Additionally, the sense helped to identify the volume knob which had the ability to turn based on my preferences.

The sense of taste is another critical aspect which is located in the mouth. The sense influence how mouth and hormones interact. As such, the sensor helps to differentiate whether something is good or bad. During the journey, I had carried a clean bottle of water. The taste of water was crisp in nature. Additionally, I had some cool mint gum. These gums were so sweet in taste since they had some sugary particles. The sense of taste helped to differential various products I was consuming.

The smell is another essential sense that is located in the noise. The sense helps to distinguish distinct smell. Sense of smell was integrated into the place during a visit. In the farm, I could smell freshly cut wheat which was left to dry. Additionally, I could smell car air freshener which is installed in the vehicle to ensure a good smell and eliminate odor smell that may occur due to external factors.

Based on the activity that I am engaging, my role in the field is a participant-observer. My role is clearly explained since I am the one who is driving the car and viewing various components in the field. As such, I am able to interrogate various senses to collect and record data which I am able to perceive. This role makes me look so flexible because I have the freedom to view components which are associated with the field. In the role, the sense of sight and sound. These are two major components are used to elaborate all characteristics and physical features within the environment. Through the sense of sight, a person is able to distinguish components based on how they are behavioral traits.

My dominant impression which i was trying to develop is to use my car as my place. In the car, I am alone, and thus, I can easily create a condition where I can reason about many things that are taking place in the environment. Through the chance, I can easily integrate various component so as to understand their interaction. Living in a place alone gives me a chance to brainstorm and understand other factors such as climatic conditions which may be influencing how the area looks like.

From my place, I have stopped my car on an open road where a wind breeze can easily flow. The wind can easily change the condition of the car by cooling and making it so enjoyable. In the car, I am playing music. I love listening to music, especially when I am alone. The place gave me a chance to enjoy the best music which is associated with a cold wind blow. Therefore, this was the best place where is could explore various areas which are associated with little disturbance.

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