5.3 Wellhead Equipment

Published: 2023-01-09
5.3 Wellhead Equipment
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In the surface production facilities, the Wellhead is one of its most basic components. Moreover, the Wellhead is the initial step in the surface production system as well a generic term used to describe all connected devices in a well. Among the many elements contained in the wellhead include Christmas trees, tubing heads, casing heads, choke assembly, and surface safety valves. In essence, supporting the casing and tubular strings placed in the wellbore is one of the basic functions of the wellbore. This is aimed at controlling the production and providing tension between the strings [24]. Other options include the classification of the wellhead into API or non-API, then compacting or assembling. Furthermore, sources of compound sites and API are used in this project, which are the most preferable type in the United Arab Emirates. The intermediate casing, surface casing, and the production casing, are some of the case strings with different sizes. These type of casing strings are from the third task. Lastly, the rule of the thumb governs the installation of the casing heads whereby the number of casing heads is less than the number of casing strings by one [25].

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5.3.1 Christmas Tree

Above the wellhead is a set of valves positioned strategically. This describes a Christmas tree. Regarding the functionality, the valves control any fluid oozing out from the well. As illustrated, figure 5.7 shows the installation of the Christmas tree at the top of the well. The regulation of fluids going into production happens with the help of choke and a valve. Furthermore, the regulation system consists of the surface safety valve (SSV), choke valve, and master valves. The most significant valve of all is the SSV given its high efficiency in emergencies such as fire or uncontrolled currents, particularly in offshore field. Essentially, it is important and by law to have automatic security systems that promote the highest safety standards.

5.3.3 Manifolds

A set of pipes, heads connecting means and valves constitute the manifold system. In essence, the manifold system is designed to control the flow of fluids, reduce the quantity of those connected to the platform, and increase the recovery oil. This, in turn, reduces the loss of pressure along the lines of flow. The manifold system is advantageous to the economy because it leads to reduced capital costs and operating expenses. There are different designs for each field. From the calculation presented, there are 18 manifolds in the Arzanah field, which subsequently connects to 75 producer wells positioned horizontally. For each manifold, there are four horizontal producer wells connected.



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[25] W. Hefley and S. Seydor, "Direct Economic Impact of the Value Chain of a Marcellus Shale Gas Well", 2018.

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