Free Essay Sample on Energy Resource

Published: 2019-10-04
Free Essay Sample on Energy Resource
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Apparently, global energy consumptions have escalated rapidly in the recent decades, which can be attributed to the ever increasing population. Initially, there was a huge dependence on traditional sources of energy such as the wind, solar energy, wind power as well as moving water. Currently, these traditional sources of energy are being improved too and be used as alternative sources of energy, as opposed to fossil fuels. It follows that alternative energy is energy that is produced from sources that are not considered to be primary energy sources; on another hand, fossil fuels, which are predominantly used globally as the source of energy, it is deemed to be the primary source of energy, implying that it is exhaustible (McLamb 1). It can, therefore, be contended that there is the need of switching from fossil fuel source of energy to alternative sources of energy, as a move of protecting biodiversity.

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Reasons to switch from fossil fuels to alternative energy

Fossil fuels, which constitutes coal, natural gas, and oil, are non-renewable sources of energy (McLamb 1). This is deemed to be one of the key reason as to why there has been a call for the shift from fossil fuel to alternative energy. Fossils are formed as the result of decaying and decomposition of animals and plants that lived many decades ago. These fossils were then buried beneath the surface of the earth. The remains are then wholly transformed into combustible materials that can use as fuel. Since the fossils of living organisms are exhaustible, it follows that fossil fuels are vulnerable to depletion and exhaustion, making it be an unreliable source of energy on a long-term basis, which is not the case with alternative energy. This intimates that alternative energy is sustainable since it can be replenished from time to time; implying that they can be viewed as the lifetime sources of energy. This indicates that alternative energy is paramount in increasing the energy security of a given community.

Alternative energy sources are also environmentally friendly. The harnessing of alternative energy such as wind energy, solar energy as well as moving water does not involve massive destruction of land and the general ecosystem through digging, drilling, excavation of overlying unwanted materials or mining as it is commonly done in the extraction of coal, natural gas and oil (Enlighten Me 2). All these activities associated with extraction of fossil fuel are leading factors when it comes to the destruction of the habitats and generally leads to land degradation. This has led to considerations of switching from fossil fuels to alternative energy, as a way of protecting the land against further destruction.

Alternative energy helps in moderating air pollution due to a small amount of emission in the air. Unlike fossil fuel, alternative energy can help in purification of the atmosphere due to the low degree of emission. When burning fossil fuel, there are chemical byproducts that are released into the atmosphere, encouraging further air pollution (Enlighten Me 2). Alternative energy is also viewed as the best option when it comes to the moderation of the greenhouse gas emission in the atmosphere. Apparently, fossil fuel energy usually releases carbon-dioxide gas into the atmosphere, which is detrimental when it comes to the destruction of the ozone layer. Destruction of this layer promotes the happening of the greenhouse effect, which is an integral component as far as global warming is concerned. This implies that it is imperative to embrace the use of alternative energy as opposed to fossil fuel, as the way of promoting environmental protection, through reduction of the air pollution.

What are some of the drawbacks?

Alternative energy is perceived to be an appropriate source of energy as compared to the fossil fuel, especially when it comes to the protection of environment and biodiversity is concerned. However, it is apparent that switching from fossil fuel to alternative energy has been blighted by various shortcomings depicted in the production of energy from alternative energy.

The quantity of energy produced from the alternative energy is insufficient as compared to the energy supplied from the fossil fuel, as the source of energy. Apparently, the global population is ever increasing. This implies that the global energy consumption is always increasing. The trends depicted in consumption rates intimate that should there be a total switch to the alternative energy, then the global population will be compelled to reduce the amount of energy consumed as well as building more energy facilities (McLamb 2). This can be an inconvenient solution as far as energy requirements are concerned. It is, therefore, imperative to strike a balance amongst different sources of energy, as the solution to challenges associated with them. Another drawback of the alternative energy is that it does not a reliable source of energy supply. The Wind, water, and solar energy are dependent on weather, which is ever fluctuating, making it be unreliable source of power when it comes to harnessing various alternative energy.66

It is apparent that alternative energy provides more opportunities as far as the conservation or protection of environment and biodiversity is concerned; which is not the case with fossil fuel which is deemed to be a leading agent of pollution. However, due to various shortcomings depicted in alternative energy (renewable energy), it has been hard to completely switch from fossil fuel to alternative energy. There is, therefore, the need of finding a balance between these two sources of energy as a way of solving energy woes.


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