Stars and Culture Essay Sample

Published: 2022-11-30
Stars and Culture Essay Sample
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The theory of Richard Dyer's is divided into three areas: star can be seen as construction, commodity and also as an ideology. In construction theory, Richard Dyer says that a star is not a real person but it is viewed as a formation. A star is formed through, dancing, music videos, celebrity videos and also magazines. For example, Chris Brown has become a star because of his amazing dancing styles and also his music. Chris Brown has better moves and he also compares himself to the king of pop Michael Jackson. He tried to moonwalk like Michael Jackson and even he improvised the dance. However Chris Brown would not have done any of these things alone in a private room because Chris Brown as a star and as a person is are two different individuals. Chris Brown has formed a group of dancers who come up with new dancing styles whenever they are shooting a video and this has greatly affected the young generation because they want to be like him. Sometimes the society takes stars as the role models of their children and they tend to imitate what stars do.

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When stars are viewed as assets they are used to make profits to related merchandise like posters, T-shirts, alcohol and Champaign ambassadors. A group of people who know different trends patterns that will make them money, they team up to become stars and bring their ideas together like the Backstreet Boys. When stars act as ideologists they form different social groups, coming up with new views and end coming up with new ideologies. For example, Beyonce fans get the idea of how a woman should be independent and the idea that men should not control women. Richard Dyers tells us that stars have their mystery. This paradox states that a star should be both extraordinary and ordinary. When a star is ordinary, this means he/she have to relate with the people and his fans. The extraordinary part means that the star should have amazing talents and qualities that the public can copy or imitate. For example, Chris brown acts and behaves like most ordinary people but he has great dancing skills and an amazing voice that people tend to idolize. This makes him be the star that he is. A star is present to people's lives through advertisements or chatting with friends and also being active in social media. This theory enables the star to be present on those activities but he is out of reach and this makes him available and not available to his fans.

Other theories state that the main aim of stars is to make profits other than celebrity. This is why many institutions tend to host famous stars like Chris Brown because he is widely known and the people love and like his performance. However, if you are not famous, people institutions will not host you because people do not like to waste their money on unknown artists. This leads to the downfall of the talents and creativity of upcoming artists.

If a community is greatly obsessed with the stardom and entertainment culture, the stars have the power to change people's lives. Mostly teens and guys within the early 20 are the ones who are affected because they want to eager the lifestyle of the celebrities; that is their behaviors, fashion trends and also their social, political and religious views.

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