Essay Sample Answering Why Hitler Lost World War Two

Published: 2022-02-23
Essay Sample Answering Why Hitler Lost World War Two
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The video talks about various reasons that caused Hitler to lose the battle during World War Two. One of the reasons is the invasion of the Soviet Union by German soldiers in 1941 which was an order by Hitler (Mrmymanalishi, 2012). The Soviet had more resources than Germans; the use of outdated technology failed them. Even though Hitler had well-trained troops, he lacked a good strategy to defeat their enemy. Hitler and his commanders could not read on the same script, and this delayed the German soldiers to advance until October the same year when Soviet launched a counterattack. The retaliation stalled efforts of Germany from advancing in the war against the Soviet.

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In the fall of 1942, the Soviet launched a counteroffensive attack on the Eastern Front that halted the bloody battle where some of the fiercest combat took place (Mrmymanalishi, 2012). Activities of German soldiers were negatively affected by the approach of winter along with dwindling medical and food supplies that weakened the German side. The introduction of a long-range fighter in 1943 created an opportunity for Hitler's defeat. The bombing compelled German air fighters to divert vast resources to defend Germany and drastically reduce the number of bomber aircraft. The German airpower was eroded by 1944, and the majority of pilots had died. Allies had won many battles and on June 1944 which is remembered as the D-Day allies started invading Europe. The allied soldiers landed on the Normandy beaches. Hitler responded by sending the remaining military force into Western Europe with confidence that he will win the war. The Soviet army advanced into Hungary, Romania, Poland, and Czechoslovakia while Hitler focused on driving British and American forces from Germany. The last major retaliation took place between the fall of 1944 and early 1945 that led the invasion of Germany by the allied forces that eventually resulted in the defeat of Hitler (Mrmymanalishi, 2012).

In my view based on the video, Germany failed to use tactical skills to prevent defeat by its enemies. For instance, in 1941 the surprise invasion gave German soldiers an upper hand against the Soviet troops. However, a delay due to the disagreement between Hitler and commanders delayed the move by German troops to make advancement. The advancement was hindered by counteroffensive by the Soviet, and this played a significant role in their defeat (Mrmymanalishi, 2012). Again the delay was met with the start of harsh weather that significantly affected military operation to fight their enemy. If Hitler made a well-calculated move, he could win the battle despite the Soviet having more tanks and manpower than Hitler. The US entry into the war also had a significant impact on Germany. The US defeated Japan in 1942 on the Battle of Midway which demonstrated a turning point in the fight. The following year, allied naval forces started aggressive retaliation against Japan. American and British soldiers defeated Germans and Italians in 1943 in North Africa. The fight against Germany by allies continued. With its economic and military capability, the US supported the allies in the battle against Germany that eventually fell into its knees. I have learned that bombing was a critical factor in the battle as it distorted military and economic capability of Hitler. Bombing compelled Hitler to adopt radical strategies of combating the threat. Vast resources were diverted to produce weapons of revenge but did not have a profound effect on the enemies when flying bombs and rockets started to fall in the fall of 1944 (Mrmymanalishi, 2012). Bombing played a central role in sustaining the morale of the US and Britain but disrupted German society. The use of bombers at the frontline assisted in easing the path of allied soldiers that eventually led to the defeat of Germany in World War Two.


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