Essay Sample on Emergency Operation Plan Summary

Published: 2023-02-03
Essay Sample on Emergency Operation Plan Summary
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The community needs to be addressed by the plan encompassing the necessity of providing emotional support, shelter, and continuity in medical attention. According to Schnall et al. (2015), during a disaster, accommodation and health services are critical in avoiding epidemics and offering relief to the affected. Moreover, social services in the repairing and reconnection of utilities are essential. According to Harnandez-Medina (2010), the use of community influencers and a grassroots approach is useful in including all members of society. Additionally, the empowerment of local action, understanding of the complexities affecting the people, and engagement at all levels are useful (Sobelson, 2015). Methods of engagement encompass consultations with local authorities, using local information, and the inclusion of the public. At the same time, engaging the EOC and ESF in the planning process will assist in promoting acceptance.

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Prominent hazards, threats, and risks include natural disasters that entail hurricanes, floods, and earthquakes, as well as other forms that include transportation accidents and airplane crashes. Such events can lead to the destruction of the economic base and infrastructure in the area. Additionally, essential resources include various departments such as the Port Aransas fire department, emergency services, hospitals, and public work agencies. Duties involve evacuation, provision of care, and the reconnection of essential services. Significant budgetary concerns encompass insufficient funding, the lack of planning, and coordination, and, the absence of a contingency plan (WHO, 2017). The implementation of HSEEP principles will entail a continuous approach, multi-layer training, assessment, and the use of corrective actions. Primary methods of communication with the planning committee will involve reports, emails, and physical meetings. To ensure maintenance engagement, regular meetings, stakeholder inclusion, and engaging locals will be useful to promote agreement and full support.


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