Free Essay Example: Electromagnetic Radiation, Visible Light and Human Health

Published: 2017-09-04
Free Essay Example: Electromagnetic Radiation, Visible Light and Human Health
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On a daily basis, electrical energy finds ways into our homes, offices and place of work, this can be through house appliances, office equipments, etc. Radiations emitting devices consist electronic devices: medical equipments, and non-medical equipments, lasers, x-rays systems, microwaves, ultrasound equipment, etc. the accompany electromagnetic fields are partially changed into radiation that is dangerous to human health. Most low-level electromagnetic radiation is those that are emanating from electrical power cables or high-power voltage lines. For many people are unaware of the health hazards that surrounding them as a result of electromagnetic radiation emanating from electrical devices, people are also unaware of the long-term effects of exposure to radiation.

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People suffer from contamination and electro-smog caused by electromagnetic radiation; E-smog is a lot of electromagnetic fields which occupies the planet. Esmog is caused by electrical and magnetic tools; they produce Esmog that causes invisibility that attacks human body affecting its biofield. There are two classifications of electromagnetic radiation: ionizing radiation and non-ionizing radiation; the classification is based on it the ability to ionize atoms and breaking the chemical bonds. Examples of ionizing particles x rays or gamma rays are the result of ultraviolet and high frequencies of electromagnetic radiation. Exposure to x-ray and gamma rays poses a potential risk to human health.

There is another electrical field known as a static field which is caused by ions produced from the synthetic materials make humans feel unwell, will the residual of magnetism commonly occurs from metal in the bed, change its magnetic fields to body discomfort. A lot of effort currently as been put towards the research of electromagnetic radiation about cancer, the study is looking at possible carcinogenic effects of electromagnetic fields.

Visible light and its impact on human health

There have been several UV light radiation research on its effect to human health since the UV light is one of the radiation in the spectrum. There is also a concern on the effects of visible light and inferred light to people's health. The goal of the research is to highlight the effects of visible light on the skin. As a result of advances in the comprehension of skin optics, and thorough studies in regards to the assimilation range of endogenous and exogenous skin chromophores, different biologic impacts have been appeared to be applied by visible light radiation including erythema, pigmentation, warm harm and free radical creation. It has additionally been demonstrated that visible light can affect indirect DNA damage through the era of sensitive oxygen species. Besides, many photodermatoses have an activity range in the unmistakable light range, despite the fact that the majority of the as of now available sunscreens offer, assuming any, feeble assurance against the visible light. On the other hand, given its cutaneous biologic impacts, noticeable light is utilized for the treatment of an assortment of skin maladies and stylish conditions as lasers, extreme beat light, and photodynamic treatment.

Why is artificial light a concern to human health?

Artificial light consist of visible light and UV light and Infrared radiations, there is a concern that a certain level of emission from this light may be harmful to human health. The fact that natural light from the sun can disrupt the normal function of the body, for instance, can cause hormonal imbalance. The potential of the UV and blue light to cause harm is great, such as skin-light sensitivity. For example, light from an artificial source such as fluorescent lamp emits diodes (LEDs) which cause a lot of skin diseases. The time of exposure to visible light should also be controlled to avoid its harmful impact on human health.

Exploring the public health impact of electromagnetic radiation

Overview of electromagnetic spectrum

The term radiation refers to the energy given off or away from the source. The type of this energy is different with physical properties, which can be measured using its frequency and wavelengths. The electromagnetic spectrum refers to a group of energy that comes from various sources. What this type of energy is emanating is given off is the kind of Electromagnetic radiation. The ones with high frequencies are the gamma, x rays and ultraviolet lights. While those lower in the electromagnetic spectrum are radio waves and microwaves. Most types of energy with high frequencies are invisible and imperceptible to a human. The naked human eye cannot see, unless with the use of specialized tool most of this electromagnetic waves cannot be detected, for this reason, people cannot appreciate their exposure to the field. Prolonged exposure to high-frequency electromagnetic radiation has the potential to harm human body cells in a process known as ionization. They cause cell damage through altering the atomic structure and composition of the cell. Ionizing radiation breaks the chemical bond and introduces free radical building. Prolonged exposure to electromagnetic radiation such as gamma may harm DNA and cause cell mutation, leading to malignancy or destruction of the cell.

Electromagnetic radiation and reproductive dysfunction

There have been many adverse pregnancy complications that have been linked to maternal electromagnetic radiation exposure; such outcomes include miscarriages, preterm delivery, congenital anomalies, and stillbirth. Research as pointed out that long-term exposure of electromagnetic field may hurt a pregnant woman. It is further been established that industries with higher exposure to high-frequency radiation have offspring with large number of brain and spinal tumour.

Electromagnetic radiation with cancer

Many types of research have accused that electromagnetic emissions are carcinogenic in nature. For instance according to international journal for cancer, (2015) published a case study on population, showing the relationship between childhood leukaemia and the electromagnetic fields in Japan. Through investigating the amount of electromagnetic field in childrens sleeping rooms, the researchers conclude that high electromagnetic exposure is associated with extremely high risk of childhood leukaemia. According to The Lancet and International journals of Oncology shows the connection between conditions: lymphoma, brain tumour and use of cordless and cell phone users. The British medical journal also reports a case study linking childhood leukaemia and the nearness of high voltage power lines. Also, electromagnetic radiation has the potential to cause various skin abnormalities and is the causative agent of malignant melanoma.

The extensive research done in Sweden has pushed the Sweden authorities to officially recognised the adverse impact of radiation on human health and leads to the classification of electrohypersensitivity as an impairment. International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has directed that electromagnetic radiations be categorised as a potential carcinogen. Issues of depression and suicidal are linked to exposure to the electromagnetic field. The research conduct in Sweden found out that those who reside in proximity to high-power voltage lines are more likely to report these symptoms (World Health Organization, 2002).

Electromagnetic radiation and Central Nerves System

The central nerves system is the primary target organ for the adverse impact of electromagnetic emissions. There is an increasing tangible evidence showing that electromagnetic radiation may lead to adverse health problems such, like Alzheimers, headaches, chronic fatigue, memory loss, among others. The research points out that all these neuropsychiatric problems may have the same source, exposure to electromagnetic radiations (World Health Organization, 2002).

The evidence of electromagnetic radiations

Scientifically proven human body has physiological functions which are electrochemical in nature. The body cells are made up of atoms and molecules, which in turn are made up of electrons, protons, and neutrons. The functions of this atom and molecules greatly depend on chemical and electrical functions. Any disruption of this chemical and electrical process results in failure of organ systems and ultimately to clinical diseases; the numerous studies have shown exposure to high electromagnetic radiation has the potential to disrupt the normal function of the cell (World Health Organization, 2002).

On the other side, biological systems use some electromagnetic radiation for cellular and other hormonal functions. For example ultraviolet energy from the sun is used to synthesize body vitamin D. the same as external signals can disrupt radio and television signal leading to static and distortion, exposure to high frequencies of electromagnetic radiation affects the body metabolism and homeostasis.

Protection from harmful effects of electromagnetic radiations

There are safety standards levels on human exposure to electromagnetic field/ emissions. In a controlled environment, access should be limited to exposure while in an uncontrolled environment where individuals have no knowledge of being exposed; precautions should be taken to limit their exposure. The use of devices that emit electromagnetic radiation should be confined or restricted to reduce the level of individual exposure. In a controlled environment such as working place, various mitigative measures should be employed to lessen the probability of exposure to the electromagnetic field. These actions may include: wearing of protective gloves and clothing, increase awareness to the public about the adverse effect of getting exposure to electromagnetic radiations, the knowledge will cause alertness of the possible presence of inducing electromagnetic radiation. Lastly, specific work practices that reduce the probability of exposure (World Health Organization, 2002)

In European countries, the public fund the body of electromagnetic radiations experts (International Commission on Non-ionizing Radiation Protection), the work of the organization is to set the guidelines and supply information on the potential pending health dangers of exposure to non-ionizing radiation.


It should be noticed by the public; there is no real safe level of electromagnetic exposure. We should control our conduct with electromagnetic radiation emitters devices such as laptops, phones, and tablets. There is a lot of research needed to be done to on the danger of getting exposed to electromagnetic radiation, meanwhile the public need to control their personal exposure to electromagnetic radiation. For visible lights, protective gear should be worn all the time to reduce the exposure and reduce the risk of skin damage.

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