Debt-Financed Tax Cuts - Essay Sample on George W. Bush Policy

Published: 2022-05-31
Debt-Financed Tax Cuts - Essay Sample on George W. Bush Policy
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In 2001 and 2003, according to Associate press, George W. Bush government cut down the taxes which added estimation of $1.6 trillion to the foreign debt. According to Brian Beutler, Bush-era policies, specifically debt-financed tax cuts contributed to the huge portion of the challenge which over the years has gone to higher levels today.

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Health care entitlements

According to the majority of American, they persistently harp about Bush tax cuts. During Bush era, the spending of the federal government rose from $900 billion to $1.1 trillion deficit more than required by inflation as a result of added Medicaid, bureaucracy and regulations; later this was contributed to the health-enticement explosion which accounted for almost 100% of the national debt obstacle.

Medicare prescription drug benefit

Additional prescription of Medicare drug benefit by George W. Bush is another factor blamed on the huge federal debt. According to the AP, this added to the debt almost $300 billion. Escalating entitlements resembling Medicare and health care initiative was another specific tempting package for the Congress to deal with the debt since they did not map out revenue strategies to fund those reimbursements.

The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan

During Iraq and Afghanistan wars, the national debt rose to $1.3 trillion; this was another major segment of fresh, unforeseen expenditure over the last period. The wars were very costly to the federal government and had to be financed through borrowings which summed up to the federal debt.

Obama's economic stimulus

In 2009, President Obama endorsed stimulus packages worth $800 billion. In 2010, $400 billion was added to the national debt as a result of the tax-cut cooperation stuck between the Republicans and President Obama, which extended which prolonged unemployed benefits and reduced payroll taxes. The additional bailout of the financial industry in 2008 added extra $200 billion, and the federal's determinations to moderate the setback of the Great Recession sum to one of the biggest portions of the debt growing. According to the researchers, after the 2007federal budget, the budget was one of the best balanced.

The Great Recession

Some of the expenditure gaps came from influences of the external mechanism of Congress and the White House. According to the federal government they spent deeply to improve the economy, in many billions fewer in tax revenue than predictable, since the Great Recession wrinkled Americans' revenue and expenditure.

In 2018, the U.S. federal debt reached to $21 trillion. The debt is higher than America's yearly economic production as measured by its gross income. A true debt disaster happens when a country is in danger of not meeting its debt obligations. The first sign is when the country finds it cannot get a low-interest rate from lenders. Financiers have become troubled that the nation cannot have enough money to pay the bonds and will default on its obligation (Gordon, 2018)

Whether you lesser taxes or upsurge expenditure is not worth arguing about until the budget is in the expansion segment of the commercial sequence. The most significant mechanism is to take an aggressive feat to restore business and consumer confidence. The period to cut expenditure is when the financial development is better than 5%. Expenditure cuts and tax hikes are then desired to deliberate growth and avert the budget from inflowing the bubble phase of the commercial sequence.

In 2011, the government hindered approval of the financial year 2011 budget, practically triggering a federal government cessation. Republicans complained to the $1.3 trillion deficit, the third utmost in history. To decrease the deficit, Congress recommended a $1.7 billion cut in security expenditure to overlap with the end of the Iraq War. Congress required $61 billion in non-security cuts to comprise Obama care. Both the parties, Republicans, and Democrats negotiated on $81 billion in expenditure cuts, regularly from packages that hadn't used their finance. (Lee& Mason, 2012)

One aim is the extraordinary level of required expenditure for compulsory packages like Medicaid, Medicare and social. Second, the US Federal government now pays extra $250 billion annually on interest disbursements alone.

In 2011, Congress was delaying on levitating the $14.294 trillion debt upper limit. The majority assumed this was the greatest technique to power the national government to stop spending. The federal government would then be required to trust exclusively on incoming income to pay continuing expenditures. It's inept technique to supersede the ordinary economic process. Amazingly, demand for Reserves continued strong, (Worrell et al., 2015)


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