Free Essay on Religious Themes in Sura 6 of Quran

Published: 2019-11-07
Free Essay on Religious Themes in Sura 6 of Quran
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Ideally, sura 6 Livestock presents a number of ideas and teachings that are helpful to a believer. Notably, reading Sura 6 alone was an opportunity to comprehend and internalize the lessons and teachings. The purpose of the entire Quran is to teach the Muslims regarding the righteous life. Ideally, understand the lessons from the Quran help the believer to live to the expectations of God. This essay, therefore, seeks to discuss five themes in Sura 6 of the Quran.

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In verse (6:1), God is the creator of heavens and the earth. It is in Him that the light and the darkness exist. Ideally, the verse is significant among the Muslims because of it teachers on the nature of God. Notably, from the verse, the believers ought to have faith in God because He exists and is the creator of the earth and the universe. It is a warning to the non-believers who take God as their equal. Truly, after realizing the wonderful things that God created, the fear of sin comes from the heart. For this reason, Sura 6 is important because it makes the faith of the believers complete. Meditating on the verse instills obedience to God considering the wonders of creation. Notably, looking at the skys and the end of the horizons of the earth reveals the great works of God. In verse (6:2), it is evident that God knows everything and that there is no secret. The word is empathetically that human being knows that God is the creator, yet they disobey. It is, therefore, a calling that all the Muslims have no option but to obey God.

The entire Sura 6, teaches valuable lessons for the believers. It contains warnings and reminders to the believers that God has the power to destroy people who disobey Him. (6:6) Do they not realize how many generations We destroyed before them? The statement is critical for the believers because it teaches people to avoid misdeeds. The punishment of God is severe; He can destroy everyone and brings up a new generation. The verse is reminding the people in the current generation not to forget that a misdeed attracts the wrath of God. Additionally, the statement is bold, and it is a warning for the people who know the wrong actions but continue to disobey. It is evident from verse seven that God knew that the non-believers doubt his words, which is true in the modern society (6:7).

Disbelievers are full of doubts regarding the power of God. They keep questioning the works of God and would not believe in His word. In verse eight, the disbelievers attempt to question God for what He did not do (6:8). The disbelievers say why was no angel sent down to Him.' The statement is important for the new believers because it teaches about contentment. This verse discourages questioning the works of God because he is perfect and knows every reason for His action. Verse 9 is reinforcement about the lesson of disbelief. God reveal His mercy to his people because the intentions for withholding the angel (6:9). God did not send an Angel on earth in the form of a man to reduce the confusion. After reading the verse, it is easy to content on the works of God because He has a reason for every action.

There is life after death. Reading through sura six instills the believer regarding the reality of the word of God. Verse 28 reveals exactly what the believers say about the life after death. A majority of the disbelievers hold that there is no life beyond the life on earth. However, it from their disbelieve that God will charge and administer punishment. The doubters say There is nothing beyond our life in this world; we shall not be raised from the dead (6:29). It is emphasized in the verse that the disbelievers are liars and would repeat mistakes they already know it is wrong. The time God will raise people from the death; the Lord will say Is this not real? The verse imply that the disbelievers will suffer the punishments of disbelieve. The verse is great lesson and encouragement for the believers to hold on to their faith to qualify for the revival. It is warning for the people who have not believed. It is a confirmation that there is life after death and that punishments for the disbelief are real.

God is ready to forgive people who repent from their sin. God tells his people If any of you has foolishly done an evil deed, and afterward repent and mend his ways, God is most forgiving and most merciful (6:54). The verse is an indication of the merciful nature of God. God is ready to forgive sinners who repent and turn away from their wrongs. The believer has hope in this statement because it is and assurance that God did not neglect them when they became sinful. It is also a teaching for the believers who so easily fall into the sin. It is hope for the hopeless, and it strengthens and makes sinners turn to the right part that pleases God. Additionally, it is a warning for those who worship idols. In this case, God reveals that worshiping other gods is forbidden and that He alone is to be worshiped (6:56).

Believers are forgetful and often forget that which God has done. Say, God rescues us from this and every distress, yet still you worship others beside Him (6:64). In this statement, human beings are forgetful and often promise loyalty to God, yet they fail to fulfill. It is important, as believers not forget that which God has done because it is one-way of glorifying His holy name. Notably, people remember God when they are in trouble and soon forget after which they are out of the problem. Indeed, the verse encourages faithfulness in God. It is a call upon all the believers to remain faithful to their God because He is faithful to save them in a time of distress.

In conclusion, sura 6 presents many lessons to the believers and the disbelievers. God is the creator of heaven and the earth. Additionally, human beings forget the doings of God quickly once they are out of the problem. It is also evident that God is merciful and forgives sinners when they repent. Moreover, it is evident that there is life after death and that the disbelievers doubt Gods word. Besides, it apparent from Sura 6 that God has power and can destroy people because of their misdeeds.

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