Free Paper about Substance Abuse in Veterans, Example to Download

Published: 2022-02-25
Free Paper about Substance Abuse in Veterans, Example to Download
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This needs to be about substance abuse in veterans and how there are now courts for veterans

Begin with your idea. The National Veteran Foundation admits that veteran substances abuse is growing a menace. The United continues to fight a war against terrorism which has magnified the physical and mental trauma on veterans. Substance abuse is on the rise as veterans try to cope with their mental issues and physical disabilities (Miller et al.2013).

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Address why you want to contact a particular study.

The number of veterans that continues to use various substances has increased. Approximately 25 percent of veterans developed substance use disorder between 2004 and 2016 (Teeters et al. 2017).

State why the study is important. There is a need to understand the factors that have contributed to such an increased number of veteran substance abuse. Also, the study will help soldiers suffering from substance abuse to get rid of feelings of helplessness and frustration.

State theoretical significance of your study. - the study will incorporate cognitive theory in trying to explain the relationship between the variables

State the pragmatic utility of your study. - again, to try to understand if the United States government has played a role in trying to deal with increased substance use among veterans.

Conceptualize - Identity what concepts you will measure and the core and meaning of your concepts. - The concept will comprise of the negative effects of substance use, despair frustration, and hopelessness.

What are your research hypotheses or research questions? -What are the factors that have contributed to increased number of veteran substance use?

Choose your research method (i.e., How are you going to make your observations?)

Survey Research; Field Research; Existing Data Research and Historical Research.

Operationalize your variables - How will you quantify and measure variables?

The number of veterans that continues to suffer from substance abuse;

the number of veterans that have been charged in courts of veterans as a result of substance abuse; the effects that substance use has had on affected veterans.

Population and Sample - Who or what are you going to study? How will a sample be drawn? - All veterans that fought during the Vietnam war in 1968-1973 and the veterans that fought during Iraq and Afghanistan war between 2002 and 2010. The researcher will use random sampling from the two groups (About 500 veterans will participate in the study)

Observation - Collection of data. What steps will you take to capture your data? - The researcher will prepare questionaries' which will be distributed to the various respondent. The questions will consist of both open-ended and closed-ended questions. The respondents will be given two weeks from which they will be collected for analysis.

Application - How will your results be communicated? This is critical and often overlooked. Who is your audience? - Data will be collected and analyzed using a quantitative and qualitative method which with the aim of improving the validity and reliability of the research study. Data collected through the questionnaires will be edited and coded for analysis. The data will be analyzed quantitatively through the use of descriptive statistics. The researcher will use SPSS software in presenting the data in form tables, charts, and percentages.


Miller, M. W., Reardon, A. F., Wolf, E. J., Prince, L. B., & Hein, C. L. (2013). Alcohol and drug abuse among US veterans: Comparing associations with intimate partner substance abuse and veteran psychopathology. Journal of traumatic stress, 26(1), 71-76.

Teeters, J. B., Lancaster, C. L., Brown, D. G., & Back, S. E. (2017). Substance use disorders in military veterans: prevalence and treatment challenges. Substance abuse and rehabilitation, 8, 69.

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