Paper Example. Effects of Moral Principles on Business Decisions

Published: 2023-09-03
Paper Example. Effects of Moral Principles on Business Decisions
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The success of businesses is bound to their decision-making approaches. All persons in an organization are required to observe ethical behaviors when taking any actions related to performance (Anderson and Burchell, 2019). Applying moral principles helps individuals to effectively analyze the right and wrong actions related to decisions (Ruedy and Schweitzer, 2010). Through this approach, it is easier for a business to maintain its philosophical state, which builds a powerful foundation for long-lasting positive impacts.

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Research Question

Throughout the world, each business has its values and moral principles that influence its performance. The performance of business management is indicated by its ability to exercise moral principles. As such, management has a major role in the implementation of ethical principles. Therefore, what are the main moral principles, and how do they affect the decision-making process?


  1. To examine how moral principles affect decision-making.
  2. To review how the performance of a business is affected by ethical principles.
  3. To analyze the role of management in the implementation of business ethics.

Literature Review

Management and running of an organization are highly bounded on the kind of principles and moral values shareholders follow. As such, companies have obligations that employers, workers, and other stakeholders are supposed to observe when making decisions (Ruedy and Schweitzer, 2010). Usually, there are numerous moral principles such as trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, and much more that impact how activities are conducted (Anderson and Burchell, 2019). In business, leaders are required to deploy and follow these moral principles when making decisions. In some businesses, management has a clearly written code of ethics and standards that assist all parties to understand moral principles (Ruedy and Schweitzer, 2010). The technique assists managers and employees in understanding their duties and what they are supposed to do to create a good environment for working.

Businesses that effectively follow ethical principles tend to have good practical behaviors, which positively improve their performances. As such, it becomes easier for businesses to develop efficient ways of solving issues (Xu and Ma, 2016). In case of a flexible decision, moral principles impact leaders to focus on the needs of a business, thus minimizing cases of errors and individual interest, which may affect the running and management (Anderson and Burchell, 2019). Additionally, when a business deploys moral principles in the management, leaders embrace operational and strategic decisions that influence how activities are conducted (Esi, 2017). The approach impacts the kind of results and activities companies embrace, which assist in portraying their moral values toward their needs (Ruedy and Schweitzer, 2010). Furthermore, the technique assists businesses in creating a good working environment that bonds all workers toward the objectives (Marinova, 2019). As such, it easier for an organization to attain both short and long terms objectives.

Research Methodology

The data for the research will be collected from secondary sources. The research will rely on five articles, and the selection will be made using specific keywords. Literature analyzes about the topic of study will be conducted from reliable and updated databases. A detailed analysis of the articles selected will be followed. The information collected from the articles will be compared, thus provide logical data regarding the topic of study, and this will assist in drawing the conclusion. All the aspects involved in the research will observe ethical requirements.


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