Organizational Behavior Research - Essay Example

Published: 2018-02-07
Organizational Behavior Research - Essay Example
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Describe situations and organizational variables that impact employee morale

• Management Changes

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• Satisfaction Levels

• Supervision Levels

• Employee Opportunities

• Confidence in management

Impact of Individual Perception on Morale

• The individual perception of each employee towards the job and the organization he/she works from, ultimately affects his/her morale and productivity.

• It is an individual’s personal decision to have a high or a low morale.

• Employees’ perceptions make workers to be vulnerable to the prejudgments. This makes individuals to fail to acknowledge anything good within the workplace. This can be detrimental to the staff morale and general job performances.

• Individuals who have a negative perception about an organization will have a low morale as compared to an individual who views an organization and his job in a positive manner, who will ultimately have a high morale.

How Employee Empowerment and Decision-making Autonomy Impact Morale

• Employee empowerment leads to an increased morale.

• It also leads to an increase in employees’ input and productivity.

• Employee empowerment is also essential in building a strong team cohesion.

• Employee empowerment is also essential since it improves the Management-Employee relationships.

• Giving employees their freedom enhances their levels of innovation when it comes to making critical decisions.

Motivation in the workplace

• Organizations are required to structure motivational plans and programs that will significantly boost morale of its employees.

• Employees should be encouraged and empowered to be active participants in the decision-making process of the organization.

• The management of the company ought to develop strategies which are vital in factoring in employee growth and retention.

• Communication channels of an organization should be kept open as a way of increasing the morale of its employees.


• Organization’s behaviors, which involve various practices that an institution adopts in the pursuit of its goals, play a crucial role in the operation of an organization.

• Employee morale is one of the organization’s behavior which has a direct influence on the outcomes of the company.

• It is therefore essential that employees are kept motivated in order to boost their morale which will consequently improve the productivity of an organization.


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