Essay Sample on Euro Disney: The First 100 Days

Published: 2023-09-28
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Euro Disney faced a lot of challenges that resulted in low revenue generation. The management sector failed in various ways leading to employee turnover. First, several rules governing the dress code were set, which affected some of the employees. For instance, male staff were not allowed to have facial hair, while women could not wear colored stockings (Cau, 1992). The dressing requirements did not benefit the company in any way. Thus, they were unnecessary. Euro Disney could have requested employees to dress decently like other workers in different organizations. The rule is simple and easy to follow. However, the rule of introducing a decent dress code may be misinterpreted by many employees. It may as well confuse the workers. Euro Disney management can introduce working attires for the workers. Different units in the company should be given different uniforms. The practice is costly but will eliminate issues relating to dressing codes.

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Similarly, high employee turnover was reported as a result of overworking in the hotels. According to Cau (1992), some workers would work for more than eleven hours. The majority of the cast were college students who would attend classes and work in Euro Disney as seasonal workers. Thus, overworking the cast resulted in high turnover. Euro Disney needs to frame a working schedule dictating the employees' working hours. As a result, all workers will know what is expected of them while in Disney. Also, the rate of turnover will reduce.

Another matter affecting Euro Disney is long waiting lines at the reception. According to Cau (1992), the queue takes more than fifteen minutes for one to be served. As a result, many of the visitors, notably from the United States of America, had complained about driving several miles for vacations only to find a long queue at the reception. Euro Disney needs to computerize the admission process. All visitors need to apply for services at Disney before visiting. If possible, Disney should hire more receptionists to conduct video calls with the customers before they can visit. Their company should also necessitate the generation of the electronic receipt upon booking services at the hotel. The receipt can serve as a gate pass for the visitors instead of lining up for fifteen minutes. The practice could attract more clients to the hotel, but some can take advantage of the electronic receipts. Some individuals can forge the company's receipts and try to access services without paying. Thus, the company management needs to be vigilant on the receipts presented by visitors at Euro Disney.

Similarly, Euro Disney does not have an official language for addressing visitors. Some workers did not know the exact language they could use on clients (Cau, 1992). However, in other Disney hotels, for instance, in the US, workers address all clients in English. Also, the company has interpreters of all languages, in case the clients use a foreign language. As a result, there is a lot of cooperation in Disney US. In Europe, the management seems to be reluctant since the company receives millions of foreigners a year, yet there is no universal language. The hotel management needs to initiate a common language that will be used by all workers. Similarly, interpreters need to be employed to cater for foreigners who do not speak English.

Another issue relates to the appreciation of diverse cultures. Disney World has several outlets in various states, like America and France. Europe has its cultural practices that are different from the US and France. Euro Disney should conform to Europe's culture as a sign of appreciation of cultural differences. Therefore, the confusion about disposing of trash should be solved and conducted according to European practices.


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