Education and Politics Essay Sample

Published: 2022-11-10
Education and Politics Essay Sample
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Education, recreation, and politics are three features of a society that are rarely found in the same sentence. One should know that education, recreation, and politics in a community can determine the health needs of a city either directly or indirectly. To identify these features in a particular society, community nurses rely on the windshield survey. A windshield survey is a method through which health professionals gather information about the health needs of a community by driving around the neighborhoods and recording their observations. The nurse records all the factors in the population that could affect health either directly or indirectly. In the case of Sentinel city, those factors include education, recreation, and political activities.

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Looking at Sentinel city, most of the schooling activity takes place around Industrial Heights neighborhood. It is hard to point out the number of public schools in the area because of the lack of a clear difference between public and private schools. Some of the children walk to school while others depend on the school buses. Some other parents opted to drop off their children at the schools. There is the ABC daycare in Arch Tech Center, but once again, there is no clear way to tell if it a private or public institution. The daycare monitors the immunization records for children. It is worth noting that the daycare has a nurse on standby who can provide parents with information on how to access immunization services. There is also an elementary school in Industrial Heights neighborhood that offers special education such as stranger danger, good touch, bad touch, gifted learners, and a technology head start. There is also a middle school, which has sexual education, mental health, and drug awareness programs. There is a high school with programs like driver education, gang protection, domestic violence, and college preparation. There are some higher learning institutions in the city. Additionally, the city has the state-funded community college and a state university. There is also a non-profit community college and state university - all these institutions located within Industrial Heights.

Casper Park neighborhood has the central recreational facility for the city. Still, it is unpopular for its concentration of ex-cons. Ex-cons come to the park to do some community service. On the upper section of the city, there is the upper-class neighborhood of Nightingale Square. The area has recreational facilities such as cement sidewalks for joggers and roads lined with trees which encourage walking during the day because of the shade they provide. However, the most notable recreational facility in the Nightingale section of the city is the tennis and the basketball courts in the park. The downside is that there are homeless people who have made the park their home. There is a community center on the other side of the city, Arch Tech Center, which provides after-school activities for children. The community center has Boy Scout programs, second language, and job skills classes. The elementary school at Industrial Heights has a playground that faces a church, but there is also a large number of homeless people surrounding the church. That is a source of concern for the teachers and parents.

The recreation can support the community by allowing people to exercise hence improving the overall health of the population. The tennis and basketball courts can provide recreational facilities for the youth to discourage idleness and prevent them from going into crime. Also, the school playground ensures the children maintain a healthy lifestyle especially the ones that do not walk to school hence preventing obesity among children.

The government of Sentinel City is similar to that of any other city in the United States. There are no signs of political parties posted anywhere in the city. However, the most dominant symbol of political activity was the protests outside the city hall. The protesters held signs that said, "Tax the rich" and "it is not your money." I observed the mayor trying to address the community members from the city hall. The city hall in Arch Tech Center is the primary indication of an active form government because it is the administrative building of a municipal government.

Based on the lack of signs and posters of any political organizations and the presence of the city hall. The fact that the only political activity that is taking place in the city involve the mayor and the mayor as the sole political authority trying to solve the demonstration. I concluded that the municipal is the most active form of government in Sentinel City with the mayor as the primary politician in the city. The observations also indicated that there were no active political organizations in the community.


Sentinel city has a good education program that allows for a good learning environment. The various alternatives for transport such as buses, which are the cheapest means of transportation, will enable children to commute to and from school. The community colleges and other institutions of higher learning work to ensure high literacy rates in the community. However, the city comes up short in regards to recreational facilities. A few changes can be made to the recreational facilities for them to serve the community members. The available parks and courts are unattractive because of the presence of ex-cons and the homeless population. The city depends on its municipal council as the top political authority in the town. That makes the mayor the central authoritative figure in the community.

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