Education Requires Sacrifice, Essay Example

Published: 2022-02-25 20:12:59
Education Requires Sacrifice, Essay Example
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A student experiences many different things while in college. In echoing the words of Mrs. Obama, some students have to work their way through college. Others have to juggle their time between school and family obligations. It isn't easy to embark on the journey of education. On the other hand, teachers also don't have it easy. Mrs. Obama gave the instance of a school teacher who, to her horror, arrived to school only to find the windows of her school buildings shattered to smithereens. This shows clearly that to succeed in education, one has to sacrifice. In this monogram, I will state why education requires sacrifice.

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Education requires sacrifice

We live in a society intermixed with people of different academic backgrounds. Some people never graduated from high school. Others have graduated from high school but will never identify themselves with a particular academic accomplishment. This gives an indication that students fight numerous battle as there is a lot of outside forces. Example those people who are not educated mistakenly believe that a college student is moving on the wrong direction. This outside pressure can be very frustrating for a college student and it is enough to bring a student to the ground especially if one comes from a poor background. Losing a friend or finding angry relatives when one is visiting home are other pressures that can be very devastating.

These factors are very destructive and they constitute as part of student hardship. On the other hand, teachers have to make lots of sacrifices. They have to work long hours. In comparison to the corporate world, the school day is relatively short but college lectures are expected to work the entire time. At times teachers have to work outside the regular day so as to complete lessons plans, prepare the next day, and communicate with their students. This add-up to the long hours

In a report by the USA today indicated that out of ten students only four feel well-rested. Fatigue and exhaustion are some discomforting sacrifices that college students face on daily basis. At times, college students get intertwined with their past experiences, which only leads them to feel stressed out. Homesickness is another condition that is faced by college students. They have to overcome it so as to graduate and to successfully achieve the college degree. According to an article by CNN some college students especially those who have families are pre-occupied with thoughts from home. For those college students who have to work for tuition fee find it hard to find time between attending classes and to work. Usually, school-related distractions occupy one mind when at work thus influencing one life negatively (Gonzalez).

New York Times have highlighted that about two-thirds of college students borrow money to attend college, either from private lenders or from the government. A number of college students have an outstanding debt of one trillion dollars. The average tuition fee goes for a minimum of two thousand dollars per quarter. Some students are required to commute on a daily basis which can be financially stressful. College student debt is very intimidating and frightful and it is enough to bar many of the students not to invest in education. This brings again the question of whether attain a college degree is indeed worth it.

Academic lifestyle is very demanding as one can no longer identify their selves with their loved ones. A college student is pulled away from socializing with their friends or even visiting their homes. Teachers and lecturers are required to deeply care for their students. Students usually need a compassionate and caring attitude not only about science or math. Teaching is not an easy profession. Teaching is about influencing someone life positively and to do achieve this requires one to make sacrifices and stretching beyond the subject matter. As stated by Mrs. Obama education is more than just learning. Mrs. Obama has, on numerous occasions, insisted that education incorporates emancipation, which involves the uplifting of the soul of the student. Education should go beyond the covering of the prescribed lessons and using technology. This shows that a teacher should strive to go the extra mile, over and above what is stated in their job description. They are expected to inspire their students to greatness by acting as the second parents to the learners. (Officeofthefirstlady).

Education tutors have practice patience. Students require what educationalist have stated as a bucket load of patience as they are mistake-making machines which are part and parcel of the growth process. Being a lecturer or teachers means knowing when to correct the student and when to let something go and when to take a kind attitude and to take a patient. Teachers are required not at any point to get frustrated or even explain their frustration to the student as this can destroy the student (Johnson)

For a college student to achieve what is required for them, their families have to increase their spending in books, notebook papers, and dictionaries. Universities have also to increase their spending on TV by creating education TV programs. Most of the churches have given up on young people this means that our colleges have to take that role so we can impact young lives positively through education institution.

Other sacrifices made by students are lack of substantially nutritious meals. The exercise of sitting in classrooms from 8 a.m. to 5 pm can grow to be a physical sacrifice for the student. Lack of social life has turned out to be the biggest sacrifice made by college students.


As indicated by Mrs. Obama, a student sacrifice is their legacy. If we uphold sacrifice in education, students can build their future better. In this paper, it is clear that education requires sacrifice from all the stakeholders; the government, colleges but majorly from students themselves.

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