Essay Sample on Ecosystem Management and Conservation

Published: 2023-09-26
Essay Sample on Ecosystem Management and Conservation
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In the past two centuries, the human race has massively interfered with the earth's environment and the ecosystem at large through how our species strangely interacts with its environment. These have led to the realization of many changes in the atmosphere over the past years (Shifferd, 2012). This document mainly reviews various ways in which the earth's ecosystem has diversified and the new managerial strategies of the same.

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The human species massive rise in population, rise of urbanization and the revolutionizing of chemicals are some of the significant factors that have contributed to the changes in the planet's ecosystems. These factors have, however, led to a lot of several changes, including but not limited to global warming, the annihilation of some species and environment-related infections, among others (Mudge, 2015). "In effect, the human race has entered into a great wager. Charles C. Mann". Progressivism is deficient in this age. The views of Teddy Roosevelt and others rooted in looking at the universe as a utility and no longer as the warehouse of "resources". It was viewed as that which can be disassembled and can be combined scientifically for financial gains and security (Mudge, 2015). The environment “resources” are to be used effectively as in; a single tree was viewed as several feet of timber that are not sawn.

Perception of the environment has remained narrow to economic increment and national power; others have long perceived environment as intricate collection and cannot be utilized fully. When radiations emitted in Chernobyl, it affected the whole universe and led to climate change, atmospheric change and distribution of species. Technological advancement has accused of the cause of the disaster rather than solving the matter (Shiffered, 2012). Some progressives, including Mr Obama, embraced some unprecedented judgement; that we can find an exit in this environment situation. Obama, who is pro-energy with a bland interest in environment-related issues as the way they relate to national developmental agendas and thus the impact of these activities on the environment was least of his considerations.

Aldo Leopold explained over 60 years ago leas to destruction "a land ethic changes the role of homo sapiens from conquering of the land community to plain member citizen of it". Materialistic thought in the management of the ecosystem proved to be unsuccessful since it cannot counter the destruction. That materialism has created an overwhelming consequence it has caused to the human species (Shiffered, 2012). Aldo Leopold addressed the issues that environment conservation is ultimately crucial for a splendid co-existence in the of every entity of the universe.

Some environmentalist may consider being blindness to the dangers of accruing to nuclear energy. Mr Obama was seen capable of battling wars, dealing with multiple crises. He was even re-elected by the public who mostly considered on the chances of employment created and not on environment conservation which was a significant factor to consider thus it was not so appealing (Mudge, 2015). Republicans like Rick Perry decline to enforce clean air; also Fred Upton claiming that greenhouse gas should not be controlled.

In conclusion, the environment has faced multiple conservation challenges; thus, various managerial strategies are utilized to ensure that proper conservancies were done. Progressives should concentrate on enforcing laws and lay procedures for the human species to get a habitable planet and thus reducing the environment-related diseases.


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