Global Warming: Why Environmental Policy Failed to Address It - Essay Sample

Published: 2023-09-14
Global Warming: Why Environmental Policy Failed to Address It - Essay Sample
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The environmental policy has dramatically failed to address the problem of global warming. One of the key reason for the failure of the policy is mainly because of its assumption that the behaviours of human beings are rational, deliberate, and utility-optimizing. People in the world today behave in different ways. However, the only critical question that the environmental policy fails to address is how much such differences in human behaves can make (Albrizio et al., 2017). For example, considering a situation where the total emissions per day are 100 units, provided with a better realistic view of the human behaviour, expectations on the outcome would be that the tax to total to exactly 50 in a single day.

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Reasons for the Failure of the Policies

The environmental policies have proven not to work well because of some reasons. One of the key reasons why the policies are not successful is because they are generally based on the inaccurate model of nature. Another reason for the failure of the policies is because they often presuppose human superiority. The environment policies are as well as not successful because of their inconsistency with the law of symmetry. Finally, the policies are not successful because in most cases, they tend to be based on the false model of how human beings behave today.

Recommendations on the Policies

A key recommendation that can help in improving the effectiveness of the environmental policies in order to address their respective problems effectively include having a comprehensive national plan for environmental research. Another recommendation has a more balanced program.

The rationale for the Recommendations

Having a comprehensive national plan for environmental research is important since it will help in identifying the environmental research agenda in a nation as well as the various responsibilities that the individual agencies are expected to play. Implementing more balanced programs will help in securing the future from being affected by various environmental issues. Although the program may experience some imbalances on how they are funded, the nations should be more focused on the asymmetry in program emphasis as well as having intellectual leadership for such environmental policies to be successful.


In conclusion, implementing environment policy is important, especially for protecting the ecosystems and the world to remain as sustainable as possible. Having the environment policy helps in reducing any possible harm that may be caused to the environment by any human interaction while making sure that the environmental changes do have any harmful effects on human beings. That is why it is important to focus on how the biodiversity, pollution, and climate change should be solved through the environmental policy and the effectiveness of the policies that have already been implemented to address such problems.


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