Essay Sample on Pricing Analytics in Consumer Products

Published: 2023-05-09
Essay Sample on Pricing Analytics in Consumer Products
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Pricing analytics refers to metrics and associated tools used by business people to evaluate and understand how pricing activities affect overall business performance. Analyzing is done on the profitability of the item at every specific price point to optimize the maximum organization revenue. The managers of the companies carry out the price analytics by anticipating the effect the prices of the products will have on motivation, values, needs, and the willingness of the customers to buy the products from the companies. The rates fixed to the products in a company should always get set in such a way that the customers will be attracted to purchase the product, and at the same time, the company generates maximum profits. Therefore, pricing analytics is essential in a business organization that deals with manufacturing and selling the commodities that are purchased by individuals or households for personal use as the managers of the companies can get more insight on the customers. The business can get the right customer segmentation and offer the right quality and price of the commodities to customers hence creating a good reputation of the business that, in turn, helps the business in generating more revenues. For a company that deals with the production of food ingredient products to make informed pricing decisions, managers should focus on the following components that facilitate the company to gather essential information on price decisions to attract more customers which enables the company to generate more revenues.

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First, the business should set the information required for the company and the method of gathering such information that helps in identifying the potential customer's segregation for the business. For example, the market can conduct the interviews to determine the possible customs that provide the managers with critical information that gets used in fixing the prices of the commodities. The meetings get performed by the managers working in the marketing department that engages the potential customers at different locations to several questions regarding the consumer product the company produces. The interview can be conducted by asking the customs about the quality and quantity of the product they would wish to be sold to them. Then the data collected the interviewers determines the expenses that shall get incurred in the production of the customer's desired product that helps the manager fixing the price that will enable the company to generate revenue. The respondent of the potential customers to interviewers during the interview helps managers to understand the emotion of the potential customers that are taken into consideration when fixing the price of the consumer product.

Informed pricing decisions by the account managers get also carried out through document analysis. The document that contains the information about the consumption of the product by the various consumer products at different places can provide critical information that can be analyzed and help in determining how the price shall get fixed on the various product. The document analysis refers to the information that is kept based on the customer's buying habits and frequency from different geographical locations. The study of the recorded data is analyzed mathematically by the account managers in the company, and the analysis carried provides essential information on the emotions of the consumers and their willingness to buy a particular product. Therefore, the information obtained to assist the managers in the business organization in fixing the prices to the product that will attract more customers and, at the same time, generate more revenue.

Pricing decisions can also be improved in a business organization by the account managers practicing brainstorming. Brainstorming refers to the method of generating ideas to solve a design problem that usually involves a group under the guidance of a facilitator. In this method, employees in an organization that deals with the manufacture of consumer products come together in a group and guided by an appointed senior manager. Each member gives his or her contribution of ideas concerning how the prices can be fixed on the products so that the organization can maximize its revenue and, at the same time selling the product at the amount that is convenient to most of the consumers. Through brainstorming, the employees can focus on factors such as how the product is delivered to the customers at the different geographical locations, product promotion to attract more customers, and to improve their interest in buying more of the products. The ideas brought together by managers from different departments help the company to fix the base on all the factors discussed to prevent the organization from making a loss and delivering the product to the customers at the right time and place, thus promoting large sales of the products.

Requirement workshops also help in the promotion of pricing decisions for improved customer negotiations. The pricing decision in the organization gets aided the creation of seminars that supports the new employees to learn the essential factors to put into consideration in fixing the process of the manufactured products. The workshops in the companies get created to ensure that the prices set for the new product get set in such a way that the company will generate revenue, and at the same time, the customers get not exploited when purchasing the product. In the organization, the requirement workshops get managed by the expert of the marking that guides other new employees in the company. Various strategies are keenly observed by the managers when determining the prices of the products in the workshop requirements. For instance, cost-plus pricing, it involves taking into consideration the cost of labor that gets included in the manufacturing of the product and the profit that is generated on that product to determine how the merchandise shall get sold to customers. Another strategy employed is competitive pricing. The price of the product is set based on the amount charged by other companies that are dealing with the outcomes of the same type of product, and it focuses on ensuring that the company is not driven out of business by the other upcoming companies. The managers also use the strategies of value-based products. It involves setting the price of the commodity based on the value that the consumer believes that he or she will derive from the product sold to him or her. If the consumers find that the commodities produced are of high quality, they may get tempted to buy more, and the company may increase the cost to generate more revenue.

Prototyping also plays a vital role in facilitating the pricing decisions that promote customer negotiations. Prototyping refers to the process of building a model of a system to test a concept in business. The model set by managers in the organization helps the managers determine the purchasing behavior of customers and hence sets the prices of the products on how customers are willing to purchase the items. For instance, if the model indicates that more customers are likely to buy the products, the prices get set to be higher as there will more sales. In contrast, if the model indicates that the consumers are not willing to purchase the product, the prices of the items get set to below for the company to attract customers and make sales. The prototype can be a mathematical model that helps both the managers of the organization and the potential consumers to anticipate the future happening of the business and make the right decision in preparation for the likely outcome.

Use Case can also get used in promoting customer negotiations and also pricing decisions in a business organization that deals with the production of consumer products. The use case is a systematic description of how a person or an organization uses a list of steps and actions to accomplish a specific goal. The field of consumer products the business is a field by a wide range of changes in consumer needs. Thus the managers should employ a systematic process of trying to satisfy the customers' needs. Managers in the organization can use methods, such as a personalized offer to promote the participation of the customers to the new product that gets introduced in the market. It is where the business actively responds to its customers' needs; the company can also focus on revamping the business model with data-driven insights at every stage. At every step, data get extracted that is used in the future to determine how the pricing system shall get fixed. The business can also focus on the process of efficient inventory management. It will enable the managers to determine the cost incurred in inventory management. These systematic processes involved in the manufacture of the products, until they get sold to the customers, helps to determine how the price shall get fixed to the items sold to the business customers.

The managers in a business can also use the storyboard to encourage the customers' negotiations and pricing decisions of the transactions. A storyboard refers to graphic organizers that contain illustrations through images about the kind of products that an organization manufactures. The storyboard sometimes includes information on how the consumers can access the products from and the cost of certain products. The reaction of the consumers towards the storyboards helps the company dealing with the consumer product to learn the perception of the consumers toward the company's product. Thus, the company comes up with the critical method of determining how set the right price for all the items. The customers can demonstrate their negotiation for the product as they can express their feelings towards the cost of the products.

Interface analysis is also another method that gets also used to promote customer negotiations and to improve pricing decisions in business organizations that are dealing with the production of consumer products. Interface analysis refers to the business elicitation technique that assists in the identification of interfaces between the solution to determine the requirement for the smooth and effective interaction of the various components in the organization. For instance, the communication of the numerous employees facilitates in a business organization directly to the electronic systems staff operators that get set for the operation of the business activities to improve the number of products manufactured (Bodea,19). The interaction of the various components of the business usually has an impact on the that get incurred in the production of goods. Therefore, in the determination of how the prices shall get fixed on the various items the cost that suffered in the interaction of the multiple components must be taken into consideration for a company to generate adequate revenue.

Modeling is also used in the promotion of the negotiation of the customers and encourages adequate pricing decision on the consumer products produced in the companies. Modeling refers to the mathematical application in the management to anticipate the future purchasing of the products by the customers. The figures for the number of sales made at different times got usually recorded and kept that used as a reference in setting the prices of the items at different times. It promotes the welfare of customers in purchases of the commodities as the prices tend to decrease some times in the period when the income of the customers goes down. The models also enable the managers to focus on the cost of production involved from the manufacturing of the products until when the product is ready to be sold to the final consumer.

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