Free Essay: Do Our College Essays Serve Their Purpose?

Published: 2017-07-15
Free Essay: Do Our College Essays Serve Their Purpose?
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I cannot talk about where I have never been to unless I want to tell lies. College essays may be serving their purposes elsewhere, but they do not do so in my country. These essays are supposedly the results of research. Research is engaged in to find out, to add to existing knowledge, to test suppositions, to rectify, correct or disprove ideas. College essays also serve as avenues for students to learn the essence of adding to ongoing discussions about social phenomena. And it should be that when such academic activities are carried out, they should be put to good use.

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The task of writing a college essay is undertaken to inculcate the culture of following procedures and using data to probe the environment for answers. But what has happened? Most schools in my country tell their students to submit four copies of these essays, copies that will end up in the dustbins. The result is that students are not actually imbibing this desired research culture. Look at the pictures here. It is scenes like this that have killed the eagerness to do good college essays. Students in my environment go as far as paying to have their essays written by mercenaries, and even submit the essays of other people which they have smuggled out of places. College essays are not serving the purpose of making students here to respect scholarly ethics because they are even forced to bribe the lecturers who supervise their writing tasks. Figures get muddled up, opinion and conjecture are served as facts, and the students graduate without knowing the meaning of data or population of study

In the college essays written in my country, there are sections marked `Significance of Study`. This section is the one that states who the contents of the essay(s) will be most beneficial to. And, unless the devil wants to influence us, we cannot complete our respective programmes if our essays are not written to the right standards. The so-called essays are meant to identify gaps in the system which we can, in turn, fill or work on. However, if a gap is filled by one of the essays in these pictures, it will certainly not be registered by society. Surely, those who dumped them there do not expect people to gird their loins and move to the dustbins in search of relevant essays?

Most African countries have been suffering from certain issues for decades. Nigeria, for instance, has been faced with economic, political, security and other problems brought about by the unhappiness of those in the Niger-Delta region. At the University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria, well-researched essays have been able to identify ways that these problems can be solved. Just before the deadly Niger-Delta Avengers began to intensify their attacks on oil installations and crippled the country`s already weak economy in 2016, a highly commended, properly researched, and extensive essay presented by Abenabe Greene Kevwe had provided roadmaps that would help the country forestall these problems. Just as is the culture, the copies of the work were left in dusty rooms while he graduated.

Attitude has ruined the essence and purpose of such essays in my environment. Corruption and bribery have made people to churn out poorly researched and shabbily worded college essays, and the careless manner with which the few good ones get dumped in dustbins and store rooms seems to have rendered this naturally profitable academic venture quite impotent in our system. To solve this problem, we must change how we do things.

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