Performance Review as a Supervisor. Free Essay.

Published: 2020-06-18 23:28:39
Performance Review as a Supervisor. Free Essay.
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Reason for Issue

Upon completing my five months as a supervisor, I hereby submit my personal appraisal to review my performance in this office. This appraisal is an evaluative step into assessing my performance as a supervisor and ability to meet my goals as a supervisor. When I joined this office five months ago, my main goal was to create a right environment that not only motivates the workers but also encourages teamwork in the hospital. This appraisal will evaluate my ability to meet these goals and implement the right policies aimed at achieving these goals. This exercise is a reflective exercise that aims at identifying my strengths and weakness and provides useful information to help me perform better as a supervisor.

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Summary of Responsibilities

As a supervisor of the nurses in the hospital, I had different roles to play to promote quality service provision in the hospital. One of the major duties was to prepare a duty roster that assigned different nurses their wards in the hospital. As their supervisor, I had the obligation of distributing the nurses fairly to different wards to promote fairness. I had the duty of ensuring that all nurses under my watch provided quality services without bias. I was mandated the task of ensuring that all the nurses adhered to the professional code of conduct providing quality services to the patients. As the supervisor, I had the duty of promoting a friendly working environmental that produced positive energy to help the patients recover from their diseases. As the supervisor, I had the duty of overseeing that all nurses performed their duties appropriately and provided quality services to the members of the society. I acted as the performance coordinator and reviewed the performance of my team members on a weekly basis to promote quality services in the hospital.


The initial step of this appraisal would be to evaluate my personal strengths that have helped me achieve my duties as a supervisor effectively. One of my main strengths was the ability to promote teamwork by creating an open environment where people felt free to talk. Consultations and peer participation in the decision making process has not only promoted openness in the hospital but also promoted teamwork in the performance of duties. As the supervisor, I have provided forums in which nurses meet and discuss the challenges facing them in their work and possible solutions. I always asked them to select a team of ten people every month that would help in the scheduling the shifts of the nurses and promote contentment. With these teams, I have successfully created fair schedules for all nurses that ensure balanced schedules that uphold fairness. This move move has promoted the development of teamwork and timely completion of all the duties of the nurses in the hospital. I have always been open to listen to any suggestions arising from the nurses and considering its implementation if it helped in the provision of better services.

In the past five months, I have developed the ability to be quick to respond to issues raised by the patients to ensure that I promote customer satisfaction in the hospital. I have developed the ability to make informed judgments on whether the nurses portray irresponsible behavior or the patient is hostile and uncooperative. I have developed the skills of handling different patients differently to ensure that they cooperate with their nurses. For instance, in the ward for the elderly people I have learnt the right kind of approach to use to help them take their medicine without disturbing the nurses. I have imparted these skills in most young nurses to promote their professional growth and promote customer satisfaction. I have been keen to handle different cases presented to me fairly with the aim of promoting unity and cooperation in the hospital.

The productivity of the nursing department under my supervision has increased significantly. We have been able to serve more patients on a daily basis compared to the previous records. This improvement has been achieved by improving the quality of services and increasing the quantity of patients served in a day. The feedback from the clients has improved during this period with most clients giving a positive feedback about the quality of services offered within the same period. As the supervisor, I encouraged the nurses to offer personalized care to different clients to help improve the quality of services offered. The changes in the quality of serves offered were reflected in the number of patients seeking medical help at the facility. The number increased significantly over the five months I was a supervisor owing to the improvements of quality production of services.

During my tenure, I organized for a seminar on patient handling and ways to promote patients rights. The seminar was to act as a reminder of the roles of the nurse in promotion of the patient rights. This seminar was aimed at promoting the provision of quality services and helping the nurses create a good relationship with the patients. The seminar enlightened the nurses on ways of using their medical knowledge to protect the rights of the patients by questioning decisions made by the doctors that endangered the lives of the patients. Nurses being the closest allies to the patients have a professional duty of questioning any decisions that endanger the lives the patients and put them in danger. The seminar provided the knowledge of different ways in which this could be achieved without causing professional wars with the doctors. This seminar helped the nurses learn more about how to help the patients and maintaining a good working relationship with the doctors and other medical personnel.


The best way to improve the ones service is by realizing ones weakness and using it to better their services to the community. One of my main weaknesses as a supervisor is my inability to respond quickly enough changes in the working office. I take time to ensure that the systems I develop are of good quality and have a workable approach to it. Once we have made the systems I am not quick enough to respond to any changes to promote continuity in the service production. However, I responded in good time to avoid a crisis. For instance, in one night during my tenure, four nurses called in sick and could not get to work. I was not able to respond quickly enough to ensure that all patients got their medicine in good time. I however got to work with the help of another nurse to respond to the crisis. To avoid the occurrence of such incidents I have developed a backup plan that involves having substitute nurses in case one does not make it to work for valid reasons.

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