Essay Sample about Community Service for Students

Published: 2022-03-11
Essay Sample about Community Service for Students
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Thesis All university students in UAE should be required to perform one semester of community service

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SUPPORT Section 1 Community service enhances career development

Idea 1 Community service and social awareness Sources

Idea 2 Community service and enhancing vision and citizenship Idea 1, Gallant, Smile, & Arai (2010)

Community service makes the student realize what is expected of them and all that the government is attempting to achieve. Through their participation in community service, the students acquaint themselves social issues in the society.

Idea 2, Leveson, & Joiner,2014)

Community service helps students learn about their environment, appreciate the provisions of nature. Community service provides an opportunity for students to learn about the visions of the government and become better citizens.

Idea 3, Higher College of Technology (2018)

The authors hold that community service helps students to integrate their course with community service. When the students participate in the community service, their profession becomes a reality. Idea 3 Community service and copying from professionals Idea 4 Community service and mentorship SUPPORT Section 2 Community service and psychological benefits

Idea 1 It enhances life satisfaction Sources

Idea 2 It makes one feel good after helping others, Idea 1, (Coe et al.,2015)

The authors hold that life is more enjoyable for students when they engage in community service. Often, individual feel good after helping others attain their dreams and the providing service to the community to which they belong. Involving the students in community service throughout the college life help, they develop positive attitudes towards the environment.

Idea 2,( Allison et al., 2015)

Helping those in need is one of the sources of a sense of belonging. The student feels part of the community and therefore feels proud after discharging services to the community. Participating in community service makes students encounter various challenges. However, when the students overcome the said challenges they feel part of the entire community.

Idea 3 (Slack, et al., 2015)

Participating in corporate social responsibility provides an opportunity for students to enjoy the serene environment in the locality. As a result, working natural environment relief the students of classroom stress. The learning environment stresses the students because they are restricted in one location. However, participating community service involves moving from one place to another and therefore the students enjoy the serene environment as they work in various locations within their community.

Idea 4 Tai & Chuang, 2014

According to Tai & Chuang, 2014 community service help students gain acceptance in the society. The society employs the student after their graduation from college. The society is more likely to accept a student that engage in corporate social responsibility to work in their midst because they perceive as responsible people. During the service delivery, students have a good time with the members of the community to discuss issues facing the community and during the discussion, boding takes place.

Idea 3 It is one way of relieving stress and easing depression Idea 4 It motivate participants having bonded with the community SUPPORT Section 3 Community service and social benefit

Idea 1 It engages students and the community Sources

Idea 2 It teaches student a values of responsibility Idea 1, (O'Grady, C. R. (Ed.). 2014)

During the entire process where the students discharge services in the community, the student learns issues facing the local people. As a result, the students engage in both social and economic issues facing their society. The student, therefore, begins to participate in providing solutions to issues facing the community and attempt to provide possible solutions to the problems.

Idea 2, Gallant, Smile, & Arai (2010)

Gallant, Smile, & Arai (2010) held that, responsibility is learned and therefore community service provides a chance for students to learn how to become responsible people. Responsibility is a value that students must learn and therefore the participation in community service is a step that prepares students for major tasks in the future.

Idea 3 (Lai,et al.,2015)

Class activities detach students from reality. However, making community service mandatory helps students learn beneficial social issues such as religion, culture, and community development. Through community service, the society understands that education adds value to the students. As a result, the community accepts the students to serve the community. Community service prepares the students for major tasks in the workplace. The government should therefore, make community service mandatory to ensure that the entire college student participates in anticipation of the major tasks.

Idea 4 Jasmine Al Kuttab (25 October 2016)

According to Jasmine Al Kuttab (25 October 2016), community service brings diverse student together. Students meet to collect garbage educate public or participate in economic empowerment benefit themselves professionally. For example, during the community service students discuss the relevance of their careers and values that result from education. A compulsory community service ensures that students meet and shares ideas regarding their professionalism.

Idea 3 It helps students to enhance social awareness Idea 4 It makes the community value education after they bond with students SUPPORT Section 4 Community services and cognitive benefits

Idea 1 Community services helps the student acquire knowledge Sources

Idea 2 It helps student get new experience Idea 1, (Lai et al.,2015)

Cognitive development is long life process. As a result, community adds the student's experience that is reflected in their curriculum vitae. Working with new people while performing new tasks makes the participants more experienced. It is essential that student participation in community service learn new things and to gain new experience from friends and the community.

Idea 2 Gallant, K., Smale, & Arai, 2010)

Communication skill is important for students. It helps them express ideas and their needs in the society. Community service provides an avenue for students to interact with professionals and members of the society hence developing interpersonal communication. The students should learn to use their leisure time to provide free service to the community. The government should force all the students to participate in the corporate social responsibility so that they learn how to use their leisure time profitably.

Idea 4 (Lai et al.,2015)

Taking part in the community service helps the students develops a sense of belonging. For example, student participating in conserving the environment, they feel part of the environment and the community. As a result, they will feel important and pride in their belonging in the physical environment.

Idea 3 It students will develop interpersonal communication skills after their participation in community service Idea 4 It trigger a sense of belonging to the students COUNTERARGUMENTS Possible negative effect of forced community service

Idea 1 Mandatory community service hinders its nature Sources

Rebuttal The quality of service that students gives during the community service depends entirely on attitude Idea 1, Jasmine Al Kuttab (25 October 2016).

The attitudes of the students determine the quality of service they will offer in the end. However, making community service compulsory for the campus students makes the activity more of a fine. The schools and the community that the students grow determine how much they are willing to volunteer for the community service. It is apparent that the community is set to benefit the most when the students get an opportunity to volunteer.

Rebuttal: Forcing students to participate in the community renders them to obtain less benefit from the activity. Protecting the attitudes of the student towards community service is one way of improving the quality of the service.

Idea 2., Suliman, A. M., & Thomas,2017)

The government of UEA punishes the law offenders using community service. As a result, making it mandatory for university student undertake community service renders the activity a punishment. Ideally, people in the past volunteered to provide services to the community with aim of improving their curriculum vitae. The fact that the government has used community service as a form of punishment to the law offenders has ruined the authenticity of the noble activity.

Rebuttal: Community service should remain a voluntary activity. The students need to perceive community service as one way of giving back to the society. If college students volunteer to serve the community in a period of three months, they will provide quality service and learn a lot from the members of the society.

Idea 3 Suliman, A. M., & Thomas,2017)

Community service fails to trigger community development when it is mandatory. In the past, community service helped student developed professional skills. Forcing students to undertake community service makes the entire activity lack meaningful development.

Rebuttal: The purpose of community service is to make the student bond with members of the community; it was an opportunity for students to develop professional skills and a chance for students to develop a sense of belonging. For this reason, community service is an important and the need to retain it a volunteer activity. The society supported the students morally, socially and economically during the study time. Community service, therefore, should provide an opportunity for students to give back to the community. Idea 2 Using community service to punish law offenders has ruined its value Rebuttal Forced community service makes the activity sound punishment rather than an opportunity to learn and interact with the members of the community. It appears as if it is a punishment because the law offenders repay their offense through forced community work Idea 3 Forced community service may not lead to a meaningful development because the youth does it out of compulsion Rebuttal The essences of community service it to help student bond with the community. It helps them feel a sense of belonging and to give back to the community for their moral and financial support during the college life.


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