Essay Example on Innovation at International Food Groups

Published: 2019-05-15
Essay Example on Innovation at International Food Groups
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We are going to develop a technological road map that is going to move us from the functional website to social media. I will need you all to know that we all have the support of the institution. All members are expected to contribute to the development once the content from the net that have. I will need you all to participate in bringing up your ideas. We will develop this roadmap under some certain individuals who would not be an impediment to us but would act as a group help to us. I would like. Another important thing that I would emphasize is the fact that I would love you all to work together and share. It was only through the act of sharing of information that t we are going to go somewhere (Cimoli & Dosi, 1995).

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A technology roadmap is a strategy that equivalents short-term and long-term objectives with precise invention technology explanations to help meet those objects. It is a plan that applies to a new product or process, or to an emerging technology.

The technology of the international food group would involve the movement from a less innovative to more innovative form of the technology roadmap would involve the following outline. The IFG movement from a website would need a very delicate process without this process being carried out systematically would be chaos. It is important to note that the development of the technology outline would have the following g benefits to the company.

The benefit of this process would be that it would align the current technology with the kind of business that is being carried out by the company (Cimoli &Dosi, 1995). This kind of technology development would align the business of the IFG with the current technology that we want to move towards in which is the social media like Face book and twitter

Another advantage of the technology road map will be to reduce the complexity of the new technology that is to be adapted it is important to note that since the IFG would be moving from the functional website to the social media. The movement without the proper technology road map would pose a difficult to the employees who were used to the functional website.

The last advantage would be that it would help our company IFG to decide whether they would integrate the new technology. It helps the IFG to decide whether they would still need functional website or they would discard it for the new technology that they would be moving towards.

The process of developing technology roadmap is a very complicated process. The process of the technology development of IFG would hinge mainly on the gap between the current technology and the new technology. Another thing that the technology roadmap would be hinged on be to access how the current technology is saving the interest of the IFG.IFG would have to see how the functional website was serving the goals of the business. They would have to check on the benefits of the social media, would help the IGF to reach to its goals. Scholars have identified seven important elements that are essential in the developed of a technological development. The following are the principles of the technological road map development.

1. Guiding principles

The social media will have an important role of advertising the IGF products to the final consumer. It purpose would also be used to reach the younger people of society who are more frequent in the social media hence it will target a new market for the IGF products. The use of the social media will be reliable and cost effective compared to the functional website. The goal of the social media will be to enable the IGF to reach its clients and create a new client base for the IGF. It is important to note that the guiding principles would help the developers. The guiding principles would the team to remain within the scope of the subject.

2. Access to current technology

The IGF is currently using the functional website. The IGF currently use the pc and one local server that is controlled by the IT department. In this case, the IT department acting as the technological domain architects will see whether they can retire the technology or integrate it with the new technology.

3. Analyze Technology Gaps

The gap analysis would now be performed the gap analysis between the functional website and that social medium will be performed. It would be beneficial because it would help the technology developers to determine the level in which the Functional website was able to help the company to achieve the goals. We would also analyze how the social medium will help address the deficiency of the functional network in the IGF .The technology road map should be proactive and should affect the needs of the IGF.

4. Evaluate the Technological Landscape

The IGF would have to invest in the research and development. They would have to research on the kind of the technology that would be employed to the company. They would have to spend money to develop the IT capacity of the IGF. The capacity would also involve on how to try to train the members of the marketing team on how to use and communicate in the social media. Research and development is very essential for us. It is through research and development that we would know which technology to apply and at what time .The development research and development has to be found right for the technological development roadmap to be successful.

5. Describe the Future Technology

The social media being a community based interaction, community-based, content sharing, and collaboration websites they would be used by the IGF to reach to the client who is mainly youth. The target will be the youth population, which is identified with the social media. The reason why Face book why social media is chosen is because it was the only way to attract the client base that the IGF was targeting The demography maps indicated that the younger folks had very little percentage as the client IGF .Another reason why the social media was used is because it cuts the cost of the IT. As the IGF, the challenge that we would have to develop this technology is that the technology would have to be incorporated into the companies computers. The social media include Face book, Twitter and Google.

Face book allows the registered members to create profile it is a free social networking website. The individual would then have the ability to upload photos and then tend to send messages. The IGF could create their profile here and start to contact to their customers to continue to get real feedback from the clients

Twitter is social networking for blogging and sending messages. The management of IGF could open the twitter account and send the tweets to their customers who would always not forget. The management of the IGF would even maybe use it the send messages

LinkedIn is would the greatest of the social media because it provides website designed for business professionals. Work related information can be shared through LinkedIn and keeps aver broad online list of the procedure. Through LinkedIn one can share an online lift of professional; culture. It allows you to share work-related information with other users and keep an online list of professional contacts.

Instagram acquired free online photo sharing it may be used by the IGF to keep is a free online photo sharing and social network platform that was acquired by Face book in 2012.

6. Outline the migration strategy

The IGF would use the gradual migration strategy from the functional website to the use of social media. Notice that the gradual migration would be used because the company would not like to lost their contact with their client during the migration (Araki et al, 2006). A gradual migration strategy would help the IGF Company to take the stalk of how the new technology is functioning compared to the old one.

7. Establish governance

This is the process of establishing the process of who is responsible for the roadmap. This is essential to have one chain of command during the road map. As a responsible road map governor, I would make sure that I give the correct decisions. My function would be too supervised and would further on approve the process (Sadri & Toni, 1999). This is if it has been done according the instructions. I would develop the two distinct categories. Strategic; Individuals set strategy and direction. Tactical where the members tend to be from the IT ranks. They work across the business or within the line of business. Governance is one important aspect that should not be confused with bureaucracy IT.

It is important that good governance be shown and very long chains of command, which were there to be reduced. The importance of this is to reduce bureaucracy, which would later delay the performance of the individuals in the team. Establishment of governance is a very essential process

The major challenge that would be faced when implementing the technological roadmap is the protocol. These protocols would just. These protocols would just waste time another challenge would be individuals who are adamant to change and would always want to shoot down the process of change. Fear for failure is another problem that would derail the problem of technological development.

Positive effects of social media to IGF

It is evident that social media would increase the profits of the IGF. Social media being is the only network that is currently not in use at the IGF technology. Social media is the only technological advisements that has been proven and tested. In the past years IGF have been able to run their marketing strategy by through use of the functional media but the profits did not increase. Meaning that there was another way that the marketing could be done that could only be through the involvement of the social media (Sierra & Dignum, 2001).

Social media is what we used in my previous company to raise the level of sales. Marketing by the use of social media works today. Am a living evidence of the fact that social medium can make a company to make super normal profits (Araki et al, 2006) .When we started our company was Avery small company. We could not afford to promote ourselves in other methods of product promotion until they were valued. During this advantage, we took advantage. Since our company was a very small, company and managed through the efforts social media. Then the question we should ask ourselves is how we can use the same technology to take the IGF too much higher level where it can also be able to make profits.

The social media as means of communication would be very important. This is because the IGF would save a lot of money. The cash would be saved because social media is free .The setting up social media would be very important compared to other media social media could even be integrated to the current functional website that we are having (Sadri & Toni, 1999).

Another important benefit of the social media is that it has the ability to help us to chase what we have been chasing for a longtime. It is quite evident that currently the majority of our customers are elderly people (Sierra & Dignum, 2001). As a company we have had the difficulty of the convincing the young population. The only way to reach in numbers is through the social media. Reaching then through the social media would make them know that we care.

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