Discussion Board Replies to Salvation Papers. Free Essay Sample.

Published: 2019-09-04
Discussion Board Replies to Salvation Papers. Free Essay Sample.
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From the perspective of salvation as a personal gift to the believers of Jesus Christ, this is quite true as it offers a platform upon which the believers feel rewarded in the long run. Salvation is a major concept of Christianity as it offers the foundation of faith. In Mathew 8:18-22, the bible presents a case of reward from salvation when Jesus approaches the scene of a crowd. At this point the teacher of law approached Jesus and promised to follow Him wherever He could go. At this point Jesus proclaimed the fact that while the Birds and the Foxes have nests and dens respectively but the Christ Himself had no place to lie His head. Despite these circumstances, Jesus has persistently proclaimed the Holy name of the Lord as the Father thus, the existence of the Holy Trinity. From this perspective, it is clear that salvation more important and sufficient even in the absence of material things. This demonstrates the power of salvation. Subsequently, this letter creates inspiring insights to the issue of salvation. Salvation enables people to believe in the impossible with or without material possessions. Salvation is all that matters in a Christian Life (Demarest, 2007).

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With regard to the second letter, I do not believe to the proposition that salvation is a very old word. In particular, the letter cites the issues of the number of appearances that salvation as a term appears in the bible citing 158 times of its appearance. While this is the absolute fact, Lamentation 3:23 states that the word of God is new every morning while all that is needed is the due faithfulness of the believers. In this regard, no matter the number of appearances or the time that it was initially used in the bible, it remains new every morning and has the primary impact it had at the inception of its use. This means that individuals must believe and perceive salvation while holding the same position they had held before (Sider & Parker, 2005).Salvation as a term has virtually zero impact but with the intervention of faith, every individual believer gains from it. By virtue of faith, the word salvation is new every morning as the believers have faith on Christ Himself as opposed to the word alone.

By virtue of term salvation, it implies the saving of individual souls. In order to attest to this believe, individuals must consent to the power of saving of Christ. From the inception, Jesus has been the savior and remains. For instance, Luke 2:11 states, For today in the city of David there has been born for you a Savior, who is Christ the Lord. This element is very important in enhancing individuals ability to believe and foster their trust in Christ (Sider & Parker, 2005). Despite the temporal difference between the time Christ was born and the contemporary situation, by faith, Christians believe in Christ as their savior. I concur with this notion of the Christ as a savior.

With regard to the third letter, salvation occurs when individuals ascribe to believes in Christ. In particular, salvation occurs to people since they believed in Christ. From Acts 4:12, the bible states, Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be save you and your household. This is quite in tandem with the claims of the third letter with claims that salvation begins at the point when an individual believes and confess Christ. In this regard, the position taken by this letter is very convincing in the sense that it portrays the origin and scope of salvation which is also supported by the perspective taken from the bible (Sider & Parker, 2005). These letters provides a critical review of the term salvation as well as its scope hence provides a an opportunity to regard the element of salvation with due consideration of faith in Christ as the leader.


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