Free Essay on Public Speaking: What I Know, Assume, or Imagine

Published: 2019-11-18
Free Essay on Public Speaking: What I Know, Assume, or Imagine
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I know that one can become a successful speaker if he or she can stand to a particular group and act, sing, or recite poems. Additionally, an individual is also able to read things that are already written by strangers without any problem. However, it becomes hard when one is reading documents or information they have written themselves if they are not sure whether everybody will agree with what they have written. Many people will give advice on how to perfect public speaking skills, some of which are successful and others may be misleading. For example, you may be advised to take a little beer before doing any presentation, and this can work only for particular persons, but for others, it may not work. In addition, one can also be told to tape record and play the tape, which may be disgusting to most people since face-to-face interaction is imperative. What comes to an individuals mind after several attempts without success is assuming the idea of public speaking and not to participate in any and do their contributions or anything they have to say in the form of writing.

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The Search

Throughout this research, I was interested in knowing why phobia comes suddenly, making people unable to speak anymore. Moreover, other issues that have to be considered is why some specific things can be done comfortably compared to others, and lastly whether there is something behind public speaking from people who are able to address boldly. It is a big step to overcome the fear that comes with public speaking; this can be overcome by getting suggestions from some of the people who organize the events where one is supposed to make public speaking.

During public speaking, one should use what they are comfortable with for them to be courageous. For example, one can decide to make slides and read the slides throughout the presentation and make a few comments about what they have projected. Other will choose to come up with stories in between their presentations to make it lovelier and reduce boredom this can help greatly in reducing the fear that the presenter had towards the audience (Stephens et al., 14428). For experienced speakers they will cause the audience to give a response during the presentation, they do these by putting their personality into the images; this thus encourages conveying something that the public can take home and make good use of it.

It is also good to keep a notebook next to you if you have already prepared the presentation to be able to correct some of the errors that may arise during the performance. For one to make an excellent presentation, one should have quality time in preparing what to present, because people who rely on last minute preparations are likely to be affected by fear and make a lot of errors during the presentation. In most public speaking one needs to be flexible and unique, this can be done by identifying something from the audience and be able to joke around with it (Strangert 30). The topic one is presenting on should be relevant to their work experience since this can make someone more comfortable and be able to answer any questions that arise comfortably.

Some speakers tend to copy their colleagues; it 's nice to be on your own since you may not fit on what somebody else does exactly and become them. It is better to keep time when doing public speaking since when one takes longer time the topic may end up being interrupted with and become annoying; that is some people may move out before the presentation is over. One is also encouraged to put a smile on the face during the performance to create a rapport between them and the audience. Ask the audience questions concerning the topic you are dealing with; the questions should either be open-ended or closed questions; this will give the audience morale to be involved in the issue (Medgyes 430). Do not read the presentation to the audience since this can make them become bored and concentrate on other things. In conclusion, most influential presenters are strong because they have had a lot of practice and thus through this research, I noticed that practice makes perfect.

What I Discovered

I found out more out of my research, and it was of great help. From the points mentioned above, it is clear that fear originates from making a fool of oneself. That energy is supposed to help somebody in stressful situations they may find themselves in. The problem comes when there is nothing you can do with it but it becomes meaningless accompanied by shivering hands together with voice. If this energy can be used for what it was meant then, public speaking can become useful. If one can learn to be calm and use the energy for presentation, then it will be ok. I also learned that phobia is treatable since it was termed as chronic. Additionally, people deal with fear in different ways, and one finds that you can speak with confidence. For instance, one can prepare well before the presentation and try to memorize the topic, and practice to have an eye contact with your audience. In conclusion, there are no particular people meant to do public speaking; everyone can do it despite having tried and failed.

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