Promoting Clean Environment in Campus - Free Essay

Published: 2017-12-20
Promoting Clean Environment in Campus - Free Essay
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The welfare of students within our campus has suffered a bit of setback as a result of the occasional existence of wastes and dirt on critical campus grounds. Whereas the concerned officers have done exemplary work to operate cleanliness through routine cleaning, the participation of student in the process is a useful consideration because it shall raise the levels of student’s consciousness about environmental cleanliness.

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At work and at home, people habitually involve in manners of cleanliness as a lifestyle and this predisposition is lacking in campus because students believe it is not their duty to keep their living spaces tidy. This project seeks to undertake simple student behavior change promotion through training by highlighting the usefulness of collective participation in the tidying of campus spaces.

Most of the dirt in campus results from the behavior of callously dropping papers and other wastes on the roads or around halls while there are designated spots where such dirt should be places. Through raising awareness, and active participation of students, there will be enormous improvement of the cleanliness and the aesthetic value of life on campus.

Please consider these concerns with utmost good faith and facilitate relevant support towards the stated goals.

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ii. Proposal Information

Promoting Clean Environment within College through Student Participation


The history of students’ collective participation in campus welfare is long across the world. Students have always taken forefront participation in many matters of public policy and politics. When the environmental movement was initiated in the mid 1960s, it was students who made the demands on governments and corporate organizations to observe the Rio Declaration on environmental conservation. The Kyoto Protocol was another useful landmark policy document that students have promoted in diverse ways across the world. Students are the most useful members of any society when it comes to the preparation and management of public welfare and cultural propagation. This is due to the fact that behaviors learnt in youth form the core cultural disposition among people.

Statement of the Problem

Within colleges, most of the organizations employ support staffs who facilitate the daily tidying chores. This has proven to be effective as these individuals carry out all the tasks related to environmental cleanliness. Nonetheless, a critical opportunity for the cultivation environmental consciousness among students is lost. Behavior is often learned and if the campus considers producing effective members of society, environmental awareness is a useful aspect of futuristic societies. Industrial production and technological welfare makes it a requirement for everyone to be very conscious about their environment. For instance, the use of lithium batteries in handy gadgets like phones and tablets plus their advanced electronic components could pose a serious danger if they are not effectively disposed after they break down.

Students use very diverse cosmetic products, medicines and other chemical elements in their everyday living. The disposing of such chemicals and their cans in the environment could very adversely compromise the quality of life for everyone.

Solution to the Problem

Learned environmentalism is a useful aspect of welfare in the light of futuristic human welfare and if the students are actively involved in the process, much greater gains can be achieved. Students are taught an environmental course as a core unit and this mean that pee learning is very much possible as a consideration for staffing in the program. The program shall require very little financial indulgences because the colleges already have adequate cleaning tools and machinery. Students in different levels of their courses can be taken routinely over the weekends through targeted curriculum contents and related community work.


The project shall utilize existing general campus cleanliness facilities and for that reason shall not require funds for office space. The offices of the campus student union shall also act as administrative points for the project. Additional funds for material stationery, work equipments shall all amount to US $ 3,000, which shall be sought as a grant from the directorate of students affairs.

Time Table

The events of the program shall run on a semester basis. Each group of entrants shall be facilitated with seminars within campus over the evening hours when the lectures are over. The facilitates students shall be volunteers in the training of peers in a subsequent program. The training facilitation shall run through the first half of the semesters on single day per week sessions.


The staff that shall be directly involved in the project implementation shall be regular staff at the directorate of students affairs offices. Regular peer tutoring shall be managed among students themselves with the support of the department of environmental studies. Expert guidance shall be derived from the staff at the department of environmental studies.

Legal Considerations

The legal considerations involved in the project shall be addressed on the basis that the directorate of students’ affairs in collaboration with the department of environmental studies shall direct all matters of the program. This is due to the fact that universities are legally autonomous institutions in the management of their internal affairs.

Overall Impact/ Expected Project Outcome

By exposing student to the classification of actual waste within the campus, they become better prepared to deal with those wastes at home and in the wider community if such wastes occur. It is also vital that students be exposed to the possible options of medical assistance when individuals are exposed to toxic substances. Another vital consideration is that diverse environmental hazards occur in the campuses and for that reason, it is important to facilitate students with disaster response skills. Moreover, students who are empowered with environmental skills can become useful advocates and facilitators of environmentalism wherever they work or live.


This project is useful for the simple reason that it shall involve very little financial costs while the outcome in behavior change will have great impact on the society. The proposal also entails the mechanisms that shall be deemed useful in achieving rapid behavior change among the students. Furthermore, this project looks at the diverse options of student indulgence in the learning and practicing of environmentalism. If the project succeeds, all the parties shall have the bonus a cleaner environmental and the students are inclined to practice and advocate clean environments along after they complete college.

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