Free Essay Example. Organizations Obstacles

Published: 2023-04-10
Free Essay Example. Organizations Obstacles
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There are six obstacles that every organization face which include complex task, unclear goals, low motivation, low involvement, lack of challenge, and simple task. A leader must have the skills and abilities to help their followers in finding the best ways to overcome these obstacles and achieve the company's goals. From the above obstacles, I believe unclear goals and unclear directions connect.

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As a leader, having clear goals in an organization is important. Having a clear goal is may not be possible if a leader has no set direction. A leader should ensure that his followers understand the goals that the company is striving to achieve. The responsibility of a leader is to ensure that the set goals become clear to every team member and make sure that all unclear goals are streamlined. Employees are part of goal setting team; they ensure that they understand the set goals for them to head in a clear direction. Leaders act as the central part of setting goals, but employee feedback is also important because they are the ones to execute the set goals. Leaders should follow the principle of S.M.A.R.T.E.R. when setting their goals (Northouse, 2014). The principle ensures that the goals set are specific, measurable, action-oriented, realistic, timely, evaluable, and rewarded.

Unclear directions connect with unclear goals. For instance, if an organization has no clear direction, it will mean that it is not going to meet its goals. Leaders may assume that after setting goals, everything is set. This is a mistake that will cost an organization negatively. Goals need to be accompanied by a clear direction to complete the task accordingly. Goals cannot be achieved in an intended way if the directions are confusing and incomplete. A leader should rely on employee feedback and ideas in setting clear goals and the way forward.

I once received unclear direction from our team leader concerning the 15 pallets freight. Our boss gave us a task to work on the 15 pallets of freight overnight. The work is usually measured with the given number of boxes in each pallet. If there are big boxes in the pallet, the work can be done in one night. On this day, 10 pallets came with small boxes to there were more freight on less pallets and the rest of 5 pallets were a mixture. To make it worst, there were new freight on the pallet which we had no sales floor for them to meaning we were go nowhere with them. Our team leader did not have time to look at the details of the freight in order to know if it could be done at specified time and also to realize the new freight mixed in the usual pallets. We ended up not finishing the task by morning as instructed due to the complexity of the new freight. The boss was not pleased on realizing that the work was not concluded at the right time though he had an hand in creating the problem. We were frustrated with my colleagues for not receiving the right details of what we were to work on. We failed in meeting the goal due to unclear directions from leadership.

Any organization should learn to exercise clear communication and direction. Leaders should ensure that they are setting clear goals and giving clear directions. If there are unclear goals and directions, task completion can be delayed, which can lead to organizational loss. These, among other reasons, are why the two obstacles connect with other.


Northouse, P. G. (2014). Introduction to leadership: Concepts and practice. Sage.

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