Disney Princess Play Essay Sample

Published: 2022-12-01
Disney Princess Play Essay Sample
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Princess Alia is a stepsister to Prince Tatin who portrays various characters like loyalty, jealousy, sassiness, stoic, cautious, adventurous, impatient, and a good friend. Jealousy makes princess Alia maintain her position as the princess, and in the long run, she devotes her life in liking jewelry which keeps her busy with valuable aspects of the kingdom (Wohlwend, 2012). Besides, her love for jewelry and enables her to maintain her likeness thus making her be considered to be the most preferred queen of the royal kingdom.

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Princess Alia is also impatient in every aspect thereby making everything that happens around the kingdom to be questionable that's keeping the throne secure from invaders (Wohlwend, 2012). On the other hand, stoic and sassy characters make princess Alia be considered to be eligible for protecting the throne from intruders who might happen to befriend her in anticipation to take away the value of the throne of Enchancia.

Princes Alia depicts the characters of princess amber in Sofia the first. As a larger-than-life princess, Alia maintains her love for jewelry, and she is awarded various gifts for ensuring that the kingdom is beautiful with the most expensive jewelry in the world (Wohlwend, 2012). Nonetheless, Princess Alia maintains cleanliness, and she keeps herself beautiful with various jewelry that makes her considered to be the most preferred princess ever lived and ever been exalted by the kingdom.

Princess Alia has a character that enables her to impress animals. As a character, Princess Alia can lead the Kingdom's chariots in as many ways as possible since she has a unique personality. Her love for horse chariots makes her eligible for the throne and a royal wedding (Wohlwend, 2012). Additionally, her unique character which seems to me miraculous since she can communicate with horses makes her eligible for leading the throne of Enchancia.

The unique character that princess Alia portrays makes her be considered to be a larger-than-life princess who represents a great test of being a good friend to both humans and animals even though she is jealous, sassy, stoic, spoilt, and sometimes she is impatient (Wohlwend, 2012). Moreover, a unique character of controlling horse chariots by communicating with them makes her be considered to be a fully-fledged protector of the kingdom.

Princess Alia is strong to be given the throne and to be considered to be the queen of the kingdom since she portrays various characters that can enable her to protect the throne. For instance, she does not associate with everybody without creating a close relationship. In that manner, she can detect any fake friendship that is still to deprive the kingdom of its valuables (Wohlwend, 2012). Princess Alia's quest for jewelry makes her be the most preferred princess of the kingdom since she will enable the kingdom to acquire all the jewelry in the world that is required to allow for it to be considered to be the most beautiful and organized kingdom.

Since princess Alia portrays to have a stoic characteristics, she can carry out the roles of being the queen of the kingdom since she can, and you are suffering without showing her pain and suffering on the outward appearance. In that manner, her character is strong; hence she is the most active princess ever lived.


Wohlwend, K. E. (2012). 'Are you guys girls?': Boys, identity texts, and Disney princess play. Journal of Early Childhood Literacy, 12(1), 3-23.

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