Business Plan Sample for Northwest Oregon Logging Company

Published: 2022-07-07
Business Plan Sample for Northwest Oregon Logging Company
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Our Vision

Northwest Oregon Logging Company will be recognized as the leading company in timber and logging industry through supplying quality timber and timber products and outstanding customer service as well as being the benchmark in the export of timber and timber products.

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Our Mission

Our Mission is to have excellent levels of customer services and satisfaction by offering high-quality timber and timber products produced by highly trained personnel.

Our company is dedicated to ensuring that people from all the backgrounds work efficiently by providing an environment that respects and upholds the values of all people. Besides we aim at fostering and developing our employees by having an effective working environment that is guided by innovation, teamwork, openness, and accountability.

Ethical Workplace Policies

The company expects all employees to use legitimate processes of logging as enshrined in the company's rules and regulations. Bribes or unauthorized ways of selling timber with the intention of rewarding or inducing buying decisions is unacceptable and prohibited.

No employee belonging to this company or acting on behaving on the company, in violation of the stipulated laws, shall offer any payment directly or through the company illegally or sell company's products without company's knowledge.

All employees will be expected to act with integrity across the globe in accordance with the company rules and guided by the company's missions and visions.

Economic, social and environmental sustainability policies

Our company is dedicated to utilizing labor, capital and other forms of inputs to maximize profits thus sustain business operations.

Society, employees, and company are part of our corporate cultures. The company insists on upholding basic principles as stipulated by the company values as well as value-based behaviors combined with personal responsibility when interacting with society or fellow employees. Everybody is expected to observe the laws and regulations of the countries where we conduct business. The management is directly in charge of compliance of logging operating laws that are different from country to country.

To ensure a sustainable environment while logging, our company applied two policies that are recognized in different regions in the world:

Reduced impact logging

This policy is applicable mostly in tropic areas and aims at using new methods of logging that are sustainable. Some of the methods include before harvesting inventory, appropriate planning, improved techniques of logging, appropriate felling methods, and improved cutting methods to reduce tree wastage.

Forest management practice

The policy is applicable in areas where there are a few trees and highly susceptible to soil erosion. Our company is not only aimed at cutting down trees but also conserving the ones that are not cut. Thus we aim at cutting trees only where soil erosion will not occur and the soil will not be left bear.

Due process, participation, health, safety and privacy rights

Safety is a priority at Northwest Oregon Logging Company. The company and all the employees must comply with the work rules and policies. Compliance with policies ensures a healthy and safe working environment. All employees must follow the stipulated rules on personal protective equipment, operating machines, handling flammable and combustive liquids, and tree falling procedures.

All personals in Northwest Oregon Logging Company shall be engaged in a collective and individual manner, where necessary, to ensure their voice their view. All members of the company shall be involved in decision making and strategy designing.

Besides our company respects and upholds privacy rights as enshrined in the constitution of the United States. Hence, the company protects the privacy of beliefs, policy against unreasonable searches, and protection against self-incrimination.

Product liability and pricing policies

Logging timber is one of the high-risk activity on the planet. Thus at Northwest Oregon Logging Company, we strive to avoid any accident occurring at workplace or safety of farmers where we log our trees from. Apart from the company's safety policies, we also observe all the OSHA safety regulations and guidelines. Still, even while observing all the safety requirements, accidents can occasionally occur. Northwest Oregon Logging Company carried full suite liability insurance to protect our employees and timber owners in the process of the tree falling, dragging and hauling.

The pricing of logs in our company always shifts according to the political, social and economic environment. However, we always ensure that the price is reasonable when exporting or doing the local trade. The current price is at $75 per cubic meter on the local market and $108 per cubic meter on exports.

Sales and advertising policies

We believe in connecting with our customers in order to understand their demands and needs. Therefore, our company deals with direct sales as well as personal selling. We have agents across the countries where we deliver our products. In order to get to other countries and new markets, we also advertise our products and our company in business magazines, Television and through the internet through our website.

Discrimination, equal opportunity, and affirmative action policies

Northwest Oregon Logging Company is an equal opportunity, affirmative action employee and committed to providing employment opportunity to qualified and outstanding individuals from diverse background and experience. The company prohibits employees and other staff members from engaging in harassment and discrimination based on gender, race, marital status, sex, color, religion or any other basis. Retaliation through intimidation, coercion or threat against discrimination objection is prohibited and punishable by law.

International business transaction policies

Any employee or individual acting on behalf of Northwest Oregon Logging Company must comply with the international laws regarding the transactions. Our company always works to comply with the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), The World Trade Organization (WTO), and International treaties and operating regulations.

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