Essay Sample with the Discussion about Native American

Published: 2022-09-16
Essay Sample with the Discussion about Native American
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The American Nation is comprised of many Native American tribes. Among them are the Nez Perce, Navajo, Crow, and Cheyenne. These are some of the few Native American Tribes that are present in the country. In this analysis, the discussion revolves around the Navajo Native American tribe. Also, it extends to an extensive area covering about 10 of the available 50 states in America. The current paper discusses the features of this facet, current issues the group is facing, and the various ways it has faced oppression and inequality in the past as well as in their current situation.

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Characteristics of the Navajo Tribe

Culture: Values and Religion

The tribe's daily life revolves around religion. All the practices, actions, health, social actions, and many others are directly linked to their religion. In addition, their possessions including land, life and everything else are connected to their religion (Bennet). In this aspect, it is evident that they have to connect all their things and wealth to the religion which is done through conducting prayers and ceremonies.

Language and Weapons

The tribe's standard language is the Dine bizaad (Alchin, 2018). However, they portray both verbal and non-verbal characteristics in their communication patterns. For instance, in non-verbal traits, they are known to spend long hours of silence and never share their ideas or thoughts with outside clan members. In their perspective, silence is a crucial act (Bennet). On a verbal approach, they have a complex language that cannot be unwritten since it has no symbols or alphabet letters.

Food and Clothing

Before being enlightened and the advent of the modern technology, the Nevajo has practiced hunting and gathering for food. They hunted prairie dogs and other animals that are fit for human consumption. In their diet, they include mutton, corn, wheat, and yucca bananas. However, these were not the only meals for their diet. It comprised of an endless list of items. Their clothes were made of wool and yucca fiber. Women wore skirts and blouses while men used breechcloths.


The Navajo's had leaders and the most notable ones are the Barboncito and Manuelito. They acted as the tribe leaders.


The Dine is believed in the existence of supernatural powers. In their classification, there were Yei spirits who act as mediators between humans and the Great Spirits. Such spirits are known to control the universe and are responsible for rain and other things.

Current issues the Navajo's Face

One of the issues that the tribe faces is the increased suicide rates. Other challenges are alcoholism and illnesses that lead to deaths. However, their culture is endowed with traditional healers known as Hataali. In case the illnesses are extreme, they may result in deaths.

How the Tribe Has Been Oppressed In the Past and How It Still Faces Issues of Inequality

In the past, the U.S government oppressed the Navajos by taking up their lands for mineral exploration. However, when no minerals were found, their lands were returned to them. In this process, some fertile lands were taken away by Anglo ranchers and other reserved for rail constructions. Continued threats of loss of land are still exhibited (Cowgers, 2001). Inequality is still experienced where the Dines have continued to be restricted to practice animal and agricultural farming. The rest of the population is involved in administration and official government functions.


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