Free Essay: Reading Response Example

Published: 2018-02-26
Free Essay: Reading Response Example
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"Why Men Don't Last: Self-destruction as a way of life" is Natalie Angier's dramatic narrative of the reasons why men tend to die earlier than their female counterparts. The author targets the male readers with the intention of correcting this situation. Natalie's story induces the feeling of shock when she clearly shows that the men cause their deaths for no solid reasons, most of the time trying to prove to the world that they are men enough to achieve certain goals. The purpose of the article is to prevent the death from such actions as gambling, or suicide. The writer's message to the reader is that death can be avoided if the men think clearly before acting.

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“The Truth About Beauty “is a narrative that explains how a company called Dove received a lot of attention through portraying beauty in a new way. The writer targets women who have low self-esteem and hopes to change their thinking about beauty from that which is commonly portrayed in the media. The author's article makes the reader feel duped by the type of businesses that are promoted in the name of beauty, by talking about the outrageous things women use to boost their self-esteem, such as wigs. The example of a lady with an uneven skin tone who is transformed into a beauty is evidence that it is possible to be beautiful without too much cosmetics. The purpose of the article is thus to expose how beauty companies make money for no reason by preying on women’s self-esteem. The message of the author is that natural beauty does not necessarily have to be supplemented by beauty products.

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