Diffusion of Innovations Discussion, Free Essay for Everyone

Published: 2022-09-27
Diffusion of Innovations Discussion, Free Essay for Everyone
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The theory of diffusion of innovations seeks to explain the design, why and also the rate at which innovative ideas, that is new ideas and technologies penetrate into the market and globally in general. Diffusion, on the other hand, is the step by step process in which an idea is channeled through a particular social system through communication. The following essay, therefore, seeks to provide responses to three different diffusion discussions that are related to their individual projects.

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Discussion One

According to the first discussion, it is evident that as much as mass media always plays a huge role in communicating, the Iowa Hybrid Seed Company proved that there are other more effective ways of passing on information. By applying the diffusion theory, they realized that use of peers to influence each other on a product was also an effective method.

In addition to that, the theory was also applied to introduce a new light off light on a system to help patients in the ICU to have better adaptions to their environment. This was done by using the theory to convince the other nurses to get on board with the new idea (Dedehayir, Ortt, Riverola, Miralles, 2017).

Question; What other ideas can be implemented by using the diffusion innovation ideas discussed in the above paragraphs?

Discussion Two

According to the second discussion, the scenario took an S-curve in relation to diffusion innovation. The idea of using CRNAs to provide anesthesia in the GI labs was not taken kindly at first. This is because this was a new turf and a new idea trying to penetrate into a field that already had a working anesthesia system. This meant that no one was willing to get behind an idea that had no previous records or proof.

Therefore, the first three people who were tasked with helping to facilitate the transition were faced with a lot of changes from all chains of management. However, as the proposal had already gotten funding, the CRNA's had no option but to actualize the idea. What surprised people is that after setting up in the GI labs, more people begun being more susceptible to the idea of having CRNA's work in the GI labs.

In addition to that, other CRNA's who did not previously believe in the idea was now into it. This shows a classic example of the S-shaped curve with regards to diffusion discussion, meaning that the idea first faces a challenge before it is fully accepted into the system it is being introduced into (Chaudoir, Dugan, Barr, 2013).

Question; how does the S-Shaped curve of diffusion innovation help people realize their ideas into working innovations?

Discussion Three

In the third discussion, the diffusion innovation theory is applied when trying to help people get better scheduling and rescheduling services which will cut down on the number of complaints that are associated with the issue. It would be very helpful for patients to be able to book for doctor appointments when they are at home or wherever they are, simply by accessing the portal.

However, this idea is not welcomed by many of which if it was a system that was accepted quickly and assimilated then it would help solve a lot of health problems including long ques when waiting for the doctor's services because the patient would be alerted on the reserved time to see the doctor, hence save on time and energy used in making the long ques (Dearing, Cox, 2018)

Furthermore, the introduction of the telecare for patients who are under chronic care could also help a long way because most of the times these patients are usually facing constant struggles and issues in their daily lives and having an open system of communication between them and their doctors would help them be up to speed with their systems and also with ways of helping them handle whatever symptom is unusual.

Questions; how would the use of diffusion innovation generally help the health care system in general?


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