Free Essay with the Diet Analysis - MyNetDiary App

Published: 2022-09-09
Free Essay with the Diet Analysis - MyNetDiary App
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The free mobile app that I chose for my food and exercise is the MyNetDiary Calorie Counter Pro. The reason I decided to use this mobile app is that it has excellent with basic food and exercise tracking tools that could be of help in my weight loss. The app is also more comfortable and faster to use which increases my chance of sticking to it. MyNetDairy provide tools that are better than most apps, has a bigger database compared to the rest, the food entry to the app is fast, has personalized feedback and analysis which are essential in both weight loss and making better choices on the type of food to consume than most apps (Zahry, Cheng, & Peng, 2016, 1310).

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The primary purpose of the app is to help people lose weight, improve their diet, understand and control diabetes and pre-diabetes and also provide a channel for feedback, support, and motivation. The app helps to understand the various types of diabetes that exist and how a person can control them. The primary market for this app is people who are overweight or obese, people who have diabetes or want to keep a check on any pre-diabetic condition in their bodies and anyone who want to improve on their diets and maintain fitness. The app is essential for people who would want to change their lifestyle and improve on their feeding habits and exercises.

When using MyNetDiary, food entry into the app is fast and easy. One needs to click on the food name cell on the food table and then start typing the name of the foods. MyNetDiary will at the same time display the foods found when typing as the search is instantaneous and once a person sees the food needed the one need to select it. After that, a person needs to choose the Tab key to enter the amount and using the arrow key select the serving size. Within search a small process, one has completed the food entry to the app. Since the process is fast and easy, a person can do it every day and during every meal.

With the data on the various food entries, MyNetDiary contains several formulas that it uses to estimate the number of calories the body needs, and also help a person plan the diet to the estimates. The app calculates the BMI which it shows a person to help understand the diet that a person should take. The app also provides weight charts, calories deficit charts, measurements charts, and macronutrients charts. The counting of calories by MyNetDiary works and it is simple and effective. Since calories are the bottom line, then this is the best app for tracking them so that a person can eat better.

Some of the features of MyNetDiary include a customized recommendation that helps a person on how to eat more healthy, food time tracking features that help a person keep track of the meals including small meals and nutrient and water tracking (Zaidan & Roehrer, 2016). Other features include body measurement to help monitor the size of the body and BMI, food entry to the app by voice and also diabetes tracking which shows the blood glucose, insulin, medications that a person is taking, charts and reports. The app also has an exercise track that monitor the exercise done, time used and when they should be done.

The most important feature of MyNetDiary is the customization of features that exist. A person can customize the recommendation that the app provides to suit them more or according to the directives given by a doctor. With this, one does not have to depend on fixed features when tracking the food to consume and exercise to do. The other most important feature is the ability of the app to track diabetes which is a feature that is not provided by most of the other apps. The fact that the app can monitor the glucose in the blood and the insulin level makes the app very important.

When a person uses the MyNetDiary app on a daily basis, a person can live a healthier life in regards to both diet and exercise. When one tells the app the target weight and date to achieve that weight, then the app will calculate the balanced calorie and the nutrition plan necessary that is uniquely optimized for a specific individual. The app has daily and weekly analysis and advice that help a person meet the target. With it, a person can plan on the weight to lose per week. With the added exercises to the plan, the app will calculate the tracked exercise calorie and incorporate them in the daily and weekly analysis.

I learned that my diet and exercise routine were wrong before I started using the app. I never cared about the number of calories I consumed per day or the number of exercises. However, I was always bothered that I would gain weight and become obese but after using this app for the last three days, my worries are no more. With the current diet and exercises, I feel fitter and healthier and that I always have enough energy in my body.

The only change I will be making when using the app is to include Step Bonus which would allow me to capture the calories used when I walk more steps than what is included in the exercise activity. This will help me not to overestimate or underestimate my calories budget in cases of high activity. Apart from this, there is nothing else I can change about this app as I find it perfect for monitoring one's diet and exercise as well as tracking blood glucose and insulin.

I would highly recommend this app to other people because I have found it very useful. The different features that exist that can be customized to suit the requirement of a specific person are one of the many reasons that I can recommend this app. The other reason is the fact that entry of food to the app is straightforward and fast and a person can do it daily and in every meal without getting tired. Also, the app can be used to set targets either on a daily basis, weekly basis or by placing a specific date and it will guide you on how to achieve those target while giving a person the results as requested. Lastly, the fact that this app is unique in that it can track diabetes is an added advantage given it has an extensive database. With it, people can monitor the level of glucose in their blood and also the insulin level and as such help prevent both types I and type II diabetes.


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