Elements of The Raven - A Literary Essay Example

Published: 2019-05-22
Elements of The Raven - A Literary Essay Example
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Literature and art are the appreciation of an individual's way of thinking. Through this, the person can express various themes and teachings depending on the form of writing he or she is using. The stylistic devices that the writers and poets use when expressing their thoughts determines the manner with which the message is reached to the target audience. The employment of styles like the setting, the tone, language, symbolism and imagery, sounds and structure adds up the presentation and understanding of the information being conveyed. This analysis focuses to peer into the manner with which the employment of setting, symbol and imagery and tone help to build the information and the main themes that the writer in the book, The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe.

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This romantic book is about a man who lost his lover and is torn between remembering and forgetting the memories of a hi lover and forgetting and rubbing the memories away. The writer uses the style of imagery and symbolism the clearly bring out the understanding and break the monotony of the story. The writer uses the Raven, which he makes it be the title of the book to be the source of information that the man uses to as it questions. The poet uses this to break the monotony in the poem and also make the story to be adventurous. This helps to pass the information appropriately to the target audience without the whole story becoming boring. The raven brings back some memories between the man and his dead lover making him think that he is speaking to his lover in real. Here the Raven acts as an image of his wife.

Lenore becomes an image in the readers mind as the man seems to be obsessed with her. He thinks of her each and every single time making the reader imagine how valuable she was to the man. This creates an image that helps to pass the theme of love and relationships in a better way. Other images like the Nights Plutonian Shore and the Nepenthe are the symbols that the writer uses to bring out some meaning in the poem.

According to the poem, the book is set in the month of December. This is a month that traditionally and mythically related to the powers of darkness to be roaming around. It is also set in the late hours where these powers are also strongest at the end of the hours. The setting brings the relevance with which the raven comes and talks to the man who is mourning his wife. If the use of the evil powers were not used, the talkative nature of the Raven could not have made sense to the readers as much. Settings in a poem are usually important to the understanding of the themes presented as it helps the reader to relate to the situation.

The use of nostalgic tone that the poet uses to help bring out the meaning and the understanding of the mans situation. He wants the memories of his lower back; he asks the raven some questions which he knows the answers just to bring back the memories. On the other hand, in the poem, the man thinks that life must continue, and he should forget everything about the wife this helps the reader to understand the situation that he is in.The confusing situation that one can go through.

The writer succeeds to bring out the complete meaning of the whole narration by employing such styles discussed above and many more. This confirms that the use of such in a literature or a presentation brings out the right meaning of the background information.

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