Free Essay on Time Management for Student Success

Published: 2019-12-02
Free Essay on Time Management for Student Success
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Time management is the balance between hours spent in work and other chores and the time spent in leisure or social activities (Gardner, et al. 2015, p53). Regarding the academic success, students have two occasions where time is balanced. Resting and leisure time is important though too much of time spent in these events may limit the time spent on academic work. Students are more likely to spend less time on academic work since it is tiresome and not appealing to the daily lifestyles. Regarding the academic work some subjects are interesting and others boring. Students spend more time on the interesting subjects than others which cause an imbalance in the overall performance. Having in mind that success with good performance is the primary objective of academic success, time management, therefore, is paramount for one to achieve academic excellence. Time management for college students, therefore, is an alarming issue regarding their performance. The following strategies can help in efficient time management for academic excellence in college students.

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To be more efficient with your time management, the strategies include organization, planning and avoiding procrastination as well as having priorities (Gardner, et al. 2015, p53). Regarding organization, time management involves allocating every duty time and knowing what to do after the other. Being organized is a bit challenging for college students, but in academic success, one is forced have an organized schedule. The college activities are all essential for academic excellence and acquiring life skills traits. Having a timetable is the best strategy for managing time. In the student schedule, there is time allocated for class work, breaks, outside class duties and sports. All these events are essential and so allocating time for every event is the best strategy when managing time. After allocating time to all occasions, this doesn't mean you will have a straight academic success. Strict adherence to the timetable is what will determine your success. The qualities of a good schedule should be flexibility and suitability. On the flexibility, ensure that any changes in the school activities will not affect your personal schedule. The suitability of this schedule is that it should suit the rhythm of your work and life. Other tips on time management regarding organization is learning how to No to leisure desires. Requesting your friends to obey the schedule is another tip that will help in managing time well. Another tip is isolation to work efficiently. Peer pressure is an obstacle when it comes to personal decisions which should be avoided for success.

The other strategy is planning your time to suit the school calendar. The tips in planning for college success are taking time and plan for future like next day, week or month and making fixed date for personal social activities. Planning for the next week or month in the academic calendar can be more efficient when trying to manage your time well. By keeping a calendar book on forthcoming events and other important academic dates especially CATs and exams is an efficient way of planning time. Within the calendar planning, social activities should also be included to help in disorienting the academic dates. The other tip on planning is avoiding procrastination which subjects students to bad study habits (Harrington, & Weir-Daidone, 2013). There are several ways in which one can avoid procrastination. One way is starting working on projects as early as possible and working on small bits of the projects. Changing subject regularly or topics is another step to avoid procrastination which helps in concentration, focus/target, and reduction of boredom.

Another significant tip to manage time efficiently is by prioritizing on the essential activities (Harrington, & Weir-Daidone, 2013). To work on this, one can categorize the activities into different groups. The first group will be fixed academic activities which include classwork and practical activities. The other category can be fixed social activities like sports, meals, and traveling. Any other activity can then fall under the last category which is variable activities. With the above ways of planning and organizing personal time, the student will be assured of academic success.

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